Lingerie Made For Indian Weddings

Every girl wants to look at their best on their wedding day. Surely, you even have a checklist of what and what not to do, hence the nickname Bridezilla, to make sure you’re perfect on your big day. While you may have the perfect wedding dress and the accessories that come with it, there is one integral element which most brides-to-be often overlook: lingerie.

Panic no more. Here are tips on how to choose the sexy lingerie for your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Comes First

Shopping for a wedding dress can be fun. Once you’ve laid your eyes on “the one,” figuring out what to wear underneath is easier. You can choose a design, fabric, color and style based on your dress, thereby saving you time from mindlessly wandering on the lingerie collection.

Don’t Compromise Comfort

Always go for comfort at all times and when it comes to this department, silk and satin are the best choices. Your sex appeal and confidence will be enhanced more when you are wearing something underneath that you’re comfortable with.

Choose a Color According to your Wedding Dress

Red is a popular color for lingerie but if it works, don’t be afraid to mix and match hues such as pink and electric blue. Also, go for a color that makes you feel sexier and at the same time, something that your partner will love. In this case, red or black lace does work best.

Keep it Simple but Classy

A lot of bridal boutiques offer lingerie with fashionable and decorative designs. That’s fine. However, what you wear under should not be decorative than the wedding dress. Keep it simple and comfortable. It won’t be seen, anyway.

Consider your Body Type

Your body frame is also important when shopping for bridal lingerie. Just because you’re on the heavier side doesn’t mean you have no right to feel sexy. You can use fabrics like Lycra or Spandex to make you look slimmer. Or even if you are slim but have bigger bust, stay away from bras with push up or cross back styles. In other words, choose something that will emphasize your assets.

Go for Variety

When it comes to your special wedding night, variety is key. Pick up different types of pieces that will surely add more fun on your wedding night. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces such as sensual baby dolls or sexy corsets. If you can, try role play costumes since it can set a tone on your honeymoon. Aside from spicing up your wedding night, it will leave your husband guessing too.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding night lingerie, make sure to try it with your wedding dress. This way, adjustments can be made and you’ll get to know how good and comfortable it feels. After all, being beautiful on your big day also starts underneath.