The 12 excuses of those who do not want to start their own business

Lack of capital, fear of failure, little conviction. Here’s what blocks aspiring entrepreneurs.

There are people who have great business ideas and business dreams in the drawer. They often imagine a future as entrepreneurs, but they can not move from theory to practice. The American site has collected the most common excuses that prevent many from starting their own business.

1. I do not have the money

As Dave Lavinsky, founder of the Growthink consulting firm, says, being an entrepreneur means doing more with less (less money, fewer employees, less time). You may never have enough capital to launch your business according to your plans. To start, you need to change your plans. You cannot control what you have, but you can control what you do with the resources you already have available.

2. I have no time

Time management depends on the level of importance that is given to the project that one wants to achieve. If you really believe in your idea, you must be able to find the time to dedicate it, even sacrificing a few hobbies or giving up hours spent between social and TV.

3. I’m too scared

Each entrepreneur first considers risks and possibilities of bankruptcy. And every entrepreneur is afraid. You can let the fears stop you or use them as fuel to do all that is necessary to not fail and achieve success.

4. I do not have the right knowledge

Using social media, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can get in touch with anyone, even with the Pope. Some people are really accessible (and maybe this is one of the secrets of their success). But they may not respond to your requests. Start small. Create a network of useful contacts. And remember that the more influential the person you want to reach, the more he will receive the requests. To be heard, much depends on how and what you propose.

5. It’s too late

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was not the first to deal with social media. Just like Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, did not invent e-commerce. But both have been able to innovate. Innovation almost never comes from the single idea of an individual. Rather, it is the process of perfecting many other previous ideas and innovations. You are late only if you are not willing to be better than those who arrived before you, to offer a faster, stronger, more original or cheaper service.

6. Nobody listens to me

People listen to all that is fun, interesting, exciting, ironic, shocking, surprising, controversial … If others do not listen to you, it is not said that it depends on the interlocutors. It probably depends on what you say. Make your message relevant to the people you want to reach. So they will surely listen to you.

7. I do not have the skills

No problem. If you do not feel prepared, go back to study. Read books, get informed, talk with friends. Find a part-time job in a small business to gain experience and learn what you need. Take every opportunity to learn. Knowledge does not come by magic, we must get busy.

8. I do not have a great idea

Thinking of a new product or service is very difficult. But if you focus on the reality that surrounds you, you can see a lot of problems that require solutions. This is how an idea arrives. As already mentioned in point 5, the new idea in absolute is difficult to imagine. But most successful companies are based on “best” and not “new”.

9. I do not want to take risks

“In business as in life, risk is an essential element. Those who do not take risks cannot succeed, “says Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group. You cannot think of being successful if you have not even tried. Over time you can overcome difficulties and even face a failure and then start stronger than before. If you do not try, you will only have regrets. The real risk would be that of meeting up with adults to think “who knows what would have happened if only I had done …”

10. My idea is not perfect

Maybe you’re scared, you’re insecure, you’re critical and waste. The important thing is to start, take the first step, even if the product you are launching is not yet perfect. Customer feedback will allow you to perfect it. Their opinion about the product matters more than yours.

11. I cannot do things differently

Sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone and act in ways that do not belong to you. This does not mean going against one’s own principles, but demanding more from oneself. For example, a shy and humble person might find himself in the position of exalting their skills or showing off to seize an opportunity.

12. It is too difficult

Every major company has difficulties. Taking one step at a time, however, is simpler. If you sit all day on the sofa and suddenly decide to run a marathon, you surely will not make it. But if you train, setting intermediate goals, reaching the final goal will be easier. To get a great result, you need to take one step at a time.