What did you learn from your mistakes?

When I think about my mistakes, I remember that they are the ones who gave me experience.

The mistakes, as well as the difficult situations in my life, have made me a more resilient person.

What is resilience?

It is the ability to overcome adverse situations, learn from them and emerge stronger. It also refers to adapting to new situations based on our experiences.

How much do we learn from our experiences? What we live as “failure” will not be just another opportunity to learn?

The way we analyze each situation in our life is related to the eyes we look at it. The typical phrase of how we see the glass, “the glass half full or half empty”.

I know that learning from mistakes and overcoming difficult situations seems easy to say but not to do; and it’s true, you have to live it.

Who of you had a difficult situation in your life, like the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, end of a relationship?

Surely many of you have lived some of these sad situations, and today they are here reading this post, surely with more wisdom and knowing that they can survive any situation.

As human beings we tend to be quite self-critical, and in the face of an unwanted situation, we concentrate on punishing ourselves instead of asking ourselves what can we learn from this situation? What would we do differently in a similar situation?

The important thing is to be able to analyze this situation in the most positive way possible and not concentrate on the past and punish ourselves for not acting differently.

Remember that the person we are today is the result of all our experiences and past decisions, so if we are happy with who we are, it is because these experiences served both good and bad.

In my opinion, people who have good self-esteem are more resilient than those who have problems of esteem.

Suffering more is synonymous with having more opportunities to learn? We can also learn from the experiences of our environment, being empathetic with the people around us; thinking that each person who crosses our path is a possibility of learning, since it has a different life history to ours.

I hope you take advantage of every opportunity to learn from yourselves and from the teachers that life crosses your path.