How the right domain name can help your business grow

Ensuring a good online presence should be the first step toward building a solid brand, whether it’s for your business or simply a hobby. Having a suitable domain name is essential for your brand’s publicity journey. The domain name is a huge part of branding and must be done right. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help potential customers navigate toward a website and also re-direct them back in the future.

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Get that all-important dot-com for credibility

Securing a dot-com domain name is important. Investors, clients and potential customers will look at this as a credible component of your business. There are businesses that have chosen the dot-info extension, and this can demonstrate that you are not as serious about the business as your competitors. Dot-coms are what online users are accustomed to. There may not be a dot-com domain name that suits your business, but you can get creative and choose something smart and snappy. Alternatively, you can secure a dot-net or a dot-org, although these are supposed to be reserved for non-profit organisations.

Build your business with a solid name

If you have begun a business journey or you simply want to re-brand, you can buy domain name from a range of companies, including According to Business Wire, around 370.7 million domain names were registered at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

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Bear in mind correct spelling, pronunciation, and length. If you get one of these elements wrong, it will drastically lower the number of people discovering your website. Include your keywords and ensure it is easy to incorporate into a conversation. It should be a name that visitors can easily recall.

Long URLs will be forgotten, leading to potential loss of customers who may then navigate to a competitor. Words with unusual spellings can prove problematic, too, and it’s important to be able to pronounce it. Another tip is to avoid using hyphens, but get fun and get the creative juices flowing so you can build a memorable and eye-catching brand.

So much goes into creating the brand and the domain name, so it’s important to do your homework before embarking on the journey. Ask advice, read up on the topic and watch instructional and tutorial videos to arm yourself with the knowledge you will need.