20 Ideas to Build a Big Business

  1. ‘steal’ market share

It should be noted that in Entrepreneurs we have always done things from the absolute legality. If you remember in previous pages, when we proposed business opportunities around the cannabis market, we are now talking about using the advantages that big data offers to steal market share by knowing why and how your competitors are affecting your business. We have looked at what Quantified does.

  1. The power of predictive intelligence

On this occasion, we propose ideas about the application of predictive intelligence to sales and marketing. We have been very excited about three companies: 6Sense, which has developed a B2B predictive intelligence engine; Infer, which works with predictive scoring, and Every string, which leverages the full power of prediction in marketing programs so that it can reach the right audience and Message.

  1. Real-time metrics

One of the online business obsessions is the ‘happy’ metrics. The headaches that cause your analysis. We have found a real-time data visualization platform so companies can control them quickly, and with no software to install. The company is Leftronic.

  1. Dimes and directs

We do not agree that ‘they talk about you even if it is bad’. Everyone likes to talk about them well. To say otherwise would not be honest. Many businesses have begun to give importance to what is said of their companies. If it’s good, better. What if it’s bad? At least, be able to control those negative reviews. We have focused on the company Podium, which focuses on collecting and managing online comments of customers in order to know at all times what is being said and acting.

  1. And you, what do you think?

Knowing in real time what the audience thinks about our company is priceless and if it is also in situ, much better, because that allows us to know in great detail how our potential customers breathe. Imagine that you are presenting (in person) your product or service to a hearing. Would you like to be able to launch questions and have everyone answer you? That is impossible, in most cases. We liked Poll Everywhere. Its technology engages the audience and generates feedback.

  1. The little heart of the data

How many companies are news (interesting and relevant) forgotten because they are based on a pyramid of data, which end up boring or disconcerting those who read them? Priceonomics turns business data into great marketing stories, thanks to a group of writers, data scientists, engineers and analysts, obsessed with the dissemination of quality information based on data.

  1. Non-intrusive marketing

We do not know if it will be fashionable or not, but inbound marketing or non-intrusive marketing has come to stay. The rules of the game have changed. The key is no longer to reach the consumer, but that he is the one that reaches your brand in a ‘natural’, so you see, hear, read, listen and know your business. And that can be done through inbound marketing, generating appropriate contents for each consumer that contribute value in an unconscious way for him, but conscious from your perspective. HubSpot has developed inbound marketing software and tools.

  1. Advertising that entertains

What does your hand pick up that he uses to go to the bathroom every time they put an ad? You can download it now. We find Virool very interesting, which works to change the advertising experience and bring the brand videos to the right people at the right time. Defend the advertainment, where advertising and entertainment converge with the force so that the consumer stays glued to the seat.

  1. Live Facebook

The power of Facebook is immense. Your audience is measured by millions. And the power of the image to reach that millionaire audience, too. We have looked at what Vidpresso does, thanks to its technology allow you to create professional video streaming (high-quality live streaming for Facebook) without leaving the browser. Its clients are, among others, media, brands, and celebrities.

  1. YouTube for Business

Without abandoning the video and the Internet, can you take advantage of YouTube to send direct messages to our audience? An interesting business idea is what we have seen in Vineyard, capable of generating demand and measuring the actual performance of the content of the videos that appear on that platform. Vidyard manages to show exactly how users interact with videos.

  1. Very realistic images

Virtual reality is much used for the training of professionals. The more realistic these images, the more effective that training will get. We have looked at Evans & Sutherland Digital, which has developed hardware and software to create very realistic images for simulation projects, training, engineering and other applications.

  1. Narrative scenes of virtual reality

We think the proposal by Rival Theory, which thanks to its technology of virtual reality manage to create narrative experiences that focus on the interaction between the characters and the audience. Rival Theory offers artists and designers the ability to create characters that respond and interact directly with users. Created characters can react to users’ behaviors in real time, including speech, gaze, proximity, gestures, movements and also unexpected actions, allowing the audience to experience emotions.

  1. Money for litigation

I put you in the situation: you are a small company with the right resources and you have by means of a lawsuit against a great company. Litigation can last for years and a lot of money. What if there was a dedicated funding platform for small businesses and individuals to meet these costs? We have looked at Legalist and Mighty.

  1. Advocate your shoes

For those who are engaged in this of law, there is jurisprudence that must be revised to focus each case. That basic research takes time and resources that the lawyer could devote to the merits of the case. Ross Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to assist the lawyer in the search for such basic information.

  1. Management for lawyers

The last one for lawyers: software that does the ‘dirty’ work for the internal administrative management of the firm. We liked Simple Legal.

  1. ‘SaaS’ to manage water consumption

We have been very interested in the technological developments of Bluewater Bio, which focuses on the treatment and profitability of wastewater. And Value Water Analytics, which has developed a SaaS platform that helps detect water loss and where it’s going.

  1. And also the electrical consumption of buildings

We have also been pleasantly surprised by the technological innovation of the company Quality, which specializes in the analysis of data in real time to correct possible anomalies before they arise. And the company Stimergy, which is able to recover the heat that is lost from the computer servers to reuse it in the energy needs of the buildings.

  1. Very smart clothes

It is a market in full expansion and with many opportunities in different fields. In our search, we have come across very interesting proposals. For example, 511Tactical specializes in the design of high-quality garments and accessories that improve security, accuracy, speed and performance of security personnel (police, emergency, military). Or that of Eight Sleep, which has designed a mattress cover that knows when and how you sleep. It also helps to wake you up. Or Athos, high-performance clothing that monitors bio signals.

  1. Respectful clothing

Within the textile market, they also offer business opportunities related to the design and sale of effective, safe and environmentally friendly products, mainly for babies and the home. We liked Honest.

  1. Low production times and costs

For a garment to be on the street for sale requires a complex and costly process that many new brands cannot cope with. In that sense, we have found the Vastrm company very interesting. It has developed a manufacturing platform that allows other retailers and brands to offer personalized clothing to their customers.