5 Beauty Products That Make You Look and Feel Glamorous

If you belong to the school of thought that advocates that you need to shell out thousands of dollars to look and feel great about yourself, then you need to think again. Most of the famous and all-time glamorous people like Audrey Hepburn, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and so on did not always have money to buy the best beauty products. Yet, they always stood out in a crowd because of their natural allure.

Being glamorous has more to do with using the available beauty products to their maximum potential than splurging on tons of beauty products without knowing what to do with them. You might put on your best dress, high heels and accessorize yourself perfectly, but if it makes you look artificial as opposed to elegant, you won’t really make an impact.

One can learn about what works best for them through trial and error. An inexpensive way to try out various beauty products is to get your hands on some freesamples.

In this post, we would be looking at how you can use some of the most common beauty products found in your makeup cabinet to make yourself look glamorous. (And they aren’t even expensive!)

1. Sunblock To Screen The Sun Out

Let your inner health and beauty reflect through your skin. Don’t let the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun rob you of your naturally glowing skin. There is a difference between a tan and a sunburn. You want to get a sexy tan, not suffer sunburns as they make your skin look patchy and take a substantially long time to wear off.

But this is not the only reason you need to use a sunscreen. The harsh sun can damage your skin in more ways than one. A common reason for the early appearance of breakouts, wrinkles and fine lines on your skin is the sun. Also, prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer.

To save your skin the UV torture and to keep your skin looking nourished, supple and evenly glowing, use a good sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) level. The SPF shields your skin from harmful sun rays. For best results, use it during the day even when you’re indoors.

2. Moisturize For Overall Goodness

Another product that keeps your skin looking alive with health is your moisturizer. If you dream of having flawless, radiant and youthful looking skin, then you need to moisturize it daily. Make it a ritual in your everyday skin care regime and you’re sure to be happy with the results over time.

Using a high-quality moisturizer will enhance your skin’s natural glow. You will be less reliant on dramatic makeup and beauty products to give your skin the needed sheen, firmness and clarity.

For best results, prime your skin with a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Don’t just apply it to your face and neck. Pay equal attention to your hands, feet, knees, shoulders and elbows too. Using an antioxidant based eye cream/gel under your eyes during the day and a retinol-based night cream before you go to bed will also work wonders.

3. Fragrance To Smell Well, Belle

Investing in a perfume (that does not make you smell like a fruit or a vegetable) can work well in glamming you up. Make sure that the perfume you pick is understated and sexy. Loud perfumes can totally put people off and give the impression that you’ve probably used a cheap brand. If you can’t be subtle with it, don’t wear it.

Some people like to apply deodorant directly to their skin. This makes sense if your job entails that you spend a lot of time outdoors, which makes you perspire.

Be sure that you don’t wear too much perfume or deodorant, and use either one of the two. Always keep it handy, especially if you tend to sweat too much. You can get miniatures of your favorite brand to keep them in your handbag at all times.

4. Conditioner For Complete Hair Care

If you dream of having a ridiculously beautiful mane like that of Jennifer Aniston, then you need to make ‘conditioning’ your mantra. Everyone wants a crown full of lustrous, glossy, thick and frizz-free hair. Deep condition can give that to your hair as it replenishes the essential oils and moisture in your hair strands and scalp, which are lost while shampooing and locks them in.

Conditioning is key to bringing the sheen back into your hair. It also helps you avoid split ends, thereby making your hair long and strong. Hair experts insist you condition your hair every time you wash them and make leave-in conditioner part of your beauty arsenal. Leaving a deep-conditioning hair mask overnight, at least once a week, is also helpful in repairing damaged hair.

If you’re someone who regularly gets their hair ironed, permed or colored, then conditioning is an absolute necessity for you.

5. Salon-like Healthy Talons

Healthy, well-maintained nails reflect your internal good health. You don’t need layers of loud nail lacquer to glam it up; bare well-buffed nails with a top coat are enough to grab people’s eyeballs too. The idea is to keep your nails looking shiny and healthy as opposed to dramatic and gaudy.

Think twice before growing long talons and painting them with black or other garish colors. Even the wrong nail art design can ruin the way your nails look. Opt for a French manicure instead for a classic and casual look. For a glammed up look you can choose cool metallic or classic shades.


It is a myth that using a million beauty products is the only way to look glamorous. Application of minimal or no makeup can mean glamorous too. Eat and sleep well and do not underestimate your natural beauty. Focus on highlighting your best features by using the above-mentioned products and watch heads turn in admiration.

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