5 more ways to keep fit and active at work

Many of us sit at computers for most of our days at work, which isn’t helping us to keep fit and active. Here we’ve put together some great ideas to help you keep moving between 9-5.

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Walk to Work

If you live a long way from work you do need to drive or catch public transport, but if you live nearby, why not walk? The NHS has a handy guide on getting started. If you do catch the bus, why not get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way? You’ll arrive at the office feeling full of energy for the day ahead. If you don’t like walking, cycle instead!

Get a Fitness Tracker

Most people have a smartphone these days and there are lots of free fitness tracker apps you can download. It will tell you how many steps you’ve taken, flights of stairs climbed and calories burned. If you don’t have a smartphone, log the walking you do in a notebook or get a fitness tracker to wear on your wrist.

Get up and Stretch

Stand up from your desk at regular intervals, stretch your back, arms and legs to keep you feeling relaxed and release any tension build-up. Encourage your co-workers to do this too.

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Team Building

A great way to keep active is to take part in any team building events your company may be running. Don’t stand at the back, throw yourself into the activities – you may even get to drive a tank if you go on a Leicestershire team building corporate events day at somewhere like https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/team-building-corporate-events.html.

Talk, Don’t Email

What did we do in offices before we had email? We got up and went to speak to our co-workers if we needed to discuss a project. If we all embraced that approach again, we would be keeping active during our working day. It also makes for a happier and healthier working environment.

Making small changes to your working day will bring great benefits to your feeling of wellbeing, and you’ll also interact more with your work colleagues and look forward to the day ahead.