5 Ways to Make your Fall Wedding Memorable

Some moments of your life are precious for you, whose importance you can’t express in words. Wedding is one such moment. But will it not be interesting to make your wedding memorable to all those who witnessed your wedding ceremony? Of course! Everybody would love to have such type of wedding. One really need to keep some of the points in mind so as to avoid any unexpected situation and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

First and foremost thing is the choice of wedding time. And what better it would be than fall. What are the x-factors that you can include into planning to make your fall wedding a memorable one? Here are 5 unavoidable tips to make your occasion timeless and eternal:

  1. Invitation Cards: Cream colored or ivory cards are outdated. Choose some unique and appealing cards to start off your memorable event in a splendid manner. Golden, Bronze, Copper, Earthly blends of burgundy, dark brown chocolate, etc, will do you good in remarkable fashion which also will show the coziness that the fall weather possess.
  2. Wardrobe: Bride and groom both should look special at the event. Everyone takes care of that. But what if the bride choose not an elaborate ball gown to rock the music at reception after ceremony rather a shorter, sassier party dress to dance in at the reception. It really will make the reception something special. Also, the fall weather is sometimes unpredictable hence it is a prudent decision to give your wardrobe an extra bit to tackle last time problems.
  3. Bouquets: Addition of crystals, vintage brooches, and other piece of jewelry can upgrade your flower bouquet into gorgeous accessories. Moreover, traditional blooms with fragrance if replaced by some wildflowers and fragrant herbs with the seasonal look of fall, it would beautify the loveliness of the surroundings.
  4. Music: If you can think of some music beyond the convention love songs at wedding, which would be like somewhat quirky, upbeat and playful, then, it is sure that whether it would be the first or last song, everyone will remember it for long time to come, as everyone would like the heat in such cool breeze of fall evening. Isn’t it?
  5. Cuisine: Design a menu with your caterers, which tell the variety of cultures or is the fusion of two or more cultures. It will signify the fall weather which comes in between summer and winter. Asian and Spanish or Italian and Moroccan with a bit of Chinese, etc. would be the best of choices for wedding ceremonies. Take your guests on a memorable culinary journey hence make your wedding incredible.

There can be many more unique and different ideas that can rock your party with style and elegance. But don’t forget these vital tips before you make your selections for wedding. Because, fall can be very unpredictable and can leave a bad taste in your mouth if you are not prepare for it. Be unique and smart to make your wedding memorable.