9 Innovative Business Ideas That Succeed By Their Simplicity

  1. Smart beds

Luna Sleep

The thing goes more or less like this: in any pair, there is always one that is hot and another that is cold. And November arrives and one already wants the quilt, but the other is happy with a reconstitution quilt. Depending on the years you wear together or one sleeps with two blankets and the other with one or has decided to put the quilt, only one sleeps on top of the artifact and the other warm under the invention that ended the need to make the bed. Of course, since at this stage of civilization air conditioners already exist in the cars and the chips that make smart even to toasters, it was a matter of time that the mattresses were also intelligent.

Luna Sleep has designed a mattress cover that serves for more than protecting the springs from various regurgitations of the smallest of the house when they are still infants or that wayward orange juice that slips a Sunday brunch. Besides allowing to regulate the temperature of the mattress, the mattress cover that personalizes this company has sensors that measure the quality of the dream and that include an alarm clock that robs you of the dreams of morphed when at least deep sleep you are not to disturb you. Everything is managed through an app on the mobile.

We see it as a giant Fitbit.

  1. Distance Commercial Land Management

IProperty Network

Now that I do not know you can trust even fixed income – in fact, when you want to sell any equity product, tell them that you are conservative and that you want fixed income, and you will see how they leave you calm / a-, there are That think about how to diversify the savings those lucky ones that have them. Why not invest in commercial land in countries that are growing?

We had seen international real estate investment consultants, but none focused exclusively on commercial land and office flooring. IProperty Network is a new English startup dedicated to this, in addition to investment management, international tax and legal consulting and the constitution and management (accounting and tax) of equity companies.

  1. Buying and selling of machinery between companies

Equipment Share

It turns out that your company has a VOLVO EW180B excavator of 2016 that is stopped six months to the year, that your director of purchases acquired paying in cash, by the way, in full economic bonanza and that now you are trying to sell for $90500, but nothing, that not You buy it. And if you could rent it to another company like yours without.

Equipment Share is a platform in which companies can rent between them machine tool, without intermediaries (we will, that a company of electrical installations is rented to another company of electrical installations) that are in charge of certifying that the machinery that is rented It is not junk and they handle shipping. They have specialized in fast shipments and in guaranteeing the cheapest prices on the market.

  1. London’s fastest couriers


46 minutes, 52 seconds. That is the time it takes the London courier service Gopher to cover an express service within the city (they only deal with same-day deliveries). We are referring to picking up the package and delivering it to the other party in the first part. How do they get it? Hiring first the best messengers of the city (previous headhunting of professionals, something unusual in the sector) and technology (what is more obvious at this point). The average delivery time can be seen by anyone entering your website (updated every 10 minutes) and customers can follow second to second in the company’s mobile application to monitor their shipments

We accept to hire the best personnel as the pet, I say as differential value. In that and to occupy exclusively the delivery slot on the same day at a competitive price.

  1. An Uber of maintenance

Managed by

First, it was the turn of the hotel sector, then the taxi drivers. Now to the maintenance companies. We refer that it has been the turn of the startup to find out what failures are in the service provided by these companies and start to build businesses that cover the shortcomings. Airbnb or Uber have not really invented any product in itself: they have seen deficiencies in the current uses of the customers, they have done a Customer Journey Map, they have analyzed in which points there are weaknesses and they have taken those points (taxi drivers and hotels, in this case) And have given a positive service.

Managed by Q has done the same with maintenance services using the Uber model: why not instead of always taking the contracts consolidated companies with prices also consolidated is organized to a fragmented market rest of independent professionals.

What do they offer different? For example, there are no long-term contracts. You pay for service at a cheaper cost, as no structure costs are incurred.

  1. Freelance creative agency

Four Thirty

Does it make sense for an advertising agency where the entire creative body is a front-line freelance professional? We did not finish seeing it (because of the oversupply of the market, because many agencies already work with freelance to save costs), but the American advertising agency Four Thirty, yes. They deal with looking for customers through a digital platform. Its value lies in creating an exclusive portfolio of designers, creatives, and photographers who not only meet design and quality standards and revise their trajectory.

We also understand how to offer this to a different audience. The big agencies offer big companies their great creatives. This business wants to offer these professionals to companies of another size and culture, less accustomed to meetings Madmen style and more to save costs and outsource online jobs, but looking for quality.

Customers transfer what they need and the budget and agency (once it removes the fixed expenses and calculates the execution budget, the material, and the fees) choose the creatives who understand that they are going to do the work always, of course, that They fit the conditions.

If the portfolio is really front-line professionals (laureates and tanned creatives already on the market) have a chance. If you are able to reach a Don Draper freelance that makes them a Carousel style campaign for Kodak and at an affordable price, the welcome is this idea for all contracting parties.

  1. Community support for desperate parents


If you are not aware of the power that WhatsApp has right now in schools as a basic form of communication between parents that would otherwise not be exchanged more than imperceptible gestures of head and looks of reproach / envy / fatigue / competitiveness and between the mothers Who have just given birth and suffer at night because children take short shots, stay rocky and wake up at two o’clock, you will not understand why we think this business idea is worth it.

Privet is a mobile network of parents in which, basically, other parents can be swept to share experiences in real time. It is a tool to escape, not to feel alone and maybe even to receive some good idea (the soother in anisette, by the way, and we tell you that it does not work.

The problem with this is how to monetize it. Charging a dollar, a year, you say. And, yes, you’re right, it can be (you raise it like that and wait to see if you buy a giant of Facebook-type networks). It can also be opened as a channel of communication with parents through the application that someone is willing to pay: pharma sector, childcare industry, child medicine …

  1. Rental of electric bicycles


We would not have dedicated a single minute to this American company where it not only because they rent the electric bikes they have designed (they claim that they are 40% lighter than the lightest in the market), they also sell them. And it’s not just that they sell them, but they sell them out (right now there is a waiting list). And they are not exactly cheap: 1,999 dollars of fleece. They offer a $ 79 monthly subscription service that includes unlimited maintenance and anti-theft insurance.

For the rest of us, this may not make much sense, but the price is set depending on the cost of transport tickets in the city where you started the business (Washington). For a lower cost than a credit, you have a bike with unlimited maintenance. Considering the success that the services of renting municipal electric bikes are like to consider the model. Think about it, at least.

  1. A trusted doctor in each country

Media action

If you have not caught mononucleosis in another country or you have broken a leg, I do not know, in Silicon Valley, you have no idea of the surprise that you are going to take with the coverage of the medical insurance and the medical attention away from home. With the invoice, we refer. Here again, we apply what we have told you with the example of Managed by Q: what gaps leave the service of insurers when we have a medical problem outside our country.

The Italian startup Media action, the Audi Wired Innovation Award, has applied Uber’s model to international private medical care. At the moment, it only works in Florence, Rome and Santiago de Chile: doctors who make consultations at home (in this case, you will see the hotel or that apartment that you have rented through Airbnb) for general medical conditions. It takes less than an hour since you were notified.

If it is something serious and requires an ambulance, there you cannot help. Let it serve to get out of doubts if what you have is mononucleosis, but if you break your leg, the bill will not get you down.