A four wheeler is an all-terrain vehicle sometimes abbreviated as ATV. There are two main categories usually the UTV and the ATV. The ATV as we know it have quite a number of advantages as compared to the two wheeler.

However a number of factors affect our choice of a wheeler to use. These could be discussed below as;

Factors affecting our choice

· The terrain

It’s true that not all vehicle are capable to travel through all terrains, some are tough while others are sleek.

· The distance

There are vehicles that can travel for long distance without burning out their engine while others are more convenient for short distances due to ability to maneuver appropriately and easily using shortcuts to reach the intended destinations.

· The capacity

Depending on how many people want to travel then this information is very important deciding on the choice of a wheeler to use. Some wheelers might only accommodate two people while others maybe even just one.

· The weather

Some wheelers do well in all weathers while others can be somewhat inconvenient during the rainy season especially in the very wet regions.

· Traffic and policy

In some nations the use of the two wheeler is restricted on some roads and therefore will not be able to access all parts of the cities or major towns.

Advantages of the four wheeler

In using a four wheeler however it’s going to be obvious that there’s much fun and merit in it will be discussed below many people will opt for the four wheeler in most of their casual travel as compared to the two wheeler.

· A four wheel is more comfortable

A four wheeler can be appealing to use because it’s not strenuous, not much back bending is involved as the space within is sufficient. That’s why in some countries you will find that the older generation tend to opt for the four wheeler.

· Appropriate for longer distances

The four wheelers are nowadays more preferable during for long distances due to their ability to use less fuel and cause less discomfort. it is because of this that the vehicle has found market among those who like travelling quite frequent for longer distances. Four wheelers are also more powerful and their manufactures are making them even more spacious.

· The option for game hunters and camping crews

Most hunters who love searching for their wild game in the woods prefer the four wheeler because its strong enough to cruise through the terrain and in any kind of also offers some form of safety from the big wild game. Also the four wheeler has rack that can carry heavy loads such as a buck.

· Less prone to accidents

The four wheelers are less prone to accident as compared to the two wheelers. And just in case of an accident the overall extend of damage is less serious are it would have been if a two wheeler was involved in the same accident.