Areas that businesses forget to clean

After a winter of being stuck in the office with the heating on full blast and the windows closed, it can feel wonderful when the nicer weather arrives and it’s time to throw the windows open and let in some fresh air. However, when the sun’s rays begin to penetrate the previously gloomy office, that’s when you start to notice the dust and grime that’s built up. That’s why spring cleaning was invented!

A general dusting and vacuuming is not going to cut it and there are often common areas in the workplace that get missed when it’s cleaning time. When you see a place every day, it’s not always obvious but you can guarantee that a customer or visitor will pick up on the dust and grime straight away. Don’t make a bad first impression and ensure these areas are included in your cleaning rota:

  1. Behind printers and photocopiers

These areas are almost always overlooked but can get incredibly dusty from the small particles released by printers and paper. Why not let a professional Cheltenham Office Cleaning company do the hard work for you? For more information, visit

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  1. Skirting Boards

A thick layer of dirt and dust can form on skirting boards over time, making them look grey and grubby. This dust could find its way into the air, worsening symptoms for any employees with hayfever, asthma or allergies.

  1. Air Vents

When the heating has been on all winter, a lot of dust can accumulate in the vents. Those installed in kitchens and bathrooms are also susceptible to dust blockages so be sure to check those too.

  1. Ceiling fan blades

The tops of fan blades are notorious dust traps and when the warmer weather arrives, and you want to operate the fans, be sure they have had a good clean before you release all that dust into the atmosphere.

  1. Lighting

Strip fluorescent lighting will normally get full of dead insects and collect a lot of air borne dust and grime. If your lighting is looking a little faded and dusty, be sure to include it in your deep clean.

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  1. Walls

Wallpaper or textured walls will attract more dust particles than you imagine. If you think your walls are looking a little dull, it could well be because they need a wipe down. Check walls behind open doors and high traffic areas especially.

  1. Kitchen area

When was the last time the toaster, fridge or microwave were thoroughly disinfected? Who knows what out of date food lurks at the back of the fridge or under the microwave!

  1. Upholstery & Office Chairs

If the back of any upholstery is brighter than the front or you notice chairs are heavily stained, it’s probably time for a good steam clean. The bottom of chairs and their castors also get pretty grubby and could use a wipe down.