Avoid these five steps when transitioning into a new job

Once upon a time, employers regarded social media as a distraction from your real job. Now, you may find that your new employer has hired you precisely because of your social media profile, your extensive network of contacts on LinkedIn, and your expertise with Twitter.

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All of this has changed the way that we transition into new jobs. Here are five keys to making a successful transition.

Choose when to announce the new job

You need to get ahead of the curve because with social media being the gossip grapevine that it is, you may find that people know about your job change before you’ve actually told them. A good approach is to make a fairly minimalist announcement and then follow it up later with more information and new contact details.

Don’t boast

Nobody likes a show-off. If your new job title includes the words “Head of”, they’ll get it.
However, if your new job has meant that you have had to undertake some new training. Perhaps to use a Davit Crane or other impressive piece of equipment make sure that you celebrate your success.

Prioritise who you tell first

There will be people who you spend a lot of time with in your current role, both colleagues and clients, who will expect you to tell them early on. Remember that in any industry, you can easily come across these people in the future, so make the effort to let them know that you are moving on.

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Don’t trash your ex- boss

It is not professional to criticise your manager in front of your current colleagues just because you are leaving. In fact, that very manager could turn up in your new place of work, so be careful!

It’s an ideal excuse for a networking event

Networking is part of the remit in some jobs, but it can be difficult to think of a pretext for getting people together. A networking event should add value to your network, according to Harvard Business Review.

Asking people for their details can look a bit pushy, but if you are giving everyone your updated details, it’s natural to ask people for their mobile numbers.