Building A Home Office

One thing common to all countries in the first world is the amount of time we spend working, The world’s workforce is working harder and longer than ever before. Most workers find there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done, and we often find ourselves taking our work home with us. Smartphones and remote working capabilities mean we’re never too far away from the office and in this fast moving, world this could be a blessing and a curse, as were always able to respond to emergencies, but this means we’re always available for the small things as well.

As a workforce, we’re shifting away from manufacturing to more service-based jobs, and with the nature of modern communication, we no longer have to be in the office all the time. Remote access, conference calls, instant messaging, and cloud applications allow more and more of us to work from home and this trend is set to continue in the next few years.

Whether you work from home occasionally, or regularly, building a comfortable home office is important if you want to be as productive as possible. It can be hard to know what makes a good home office, it’s easy to build one which isn’t suitable for you or your work, so to help guide, we’ve listed our top considerations for creating a beautiful home office.

Create a Positive Work Environment

When inside your office you want to feel motivated to work. A window facing desk is important, wide windows which let in good amounts of natural light and a spacious workspace area are vital. Creating a space you feel relaxed and comfortable it is important, so try and rid your office of junk and clutter as these can cause distractions and lead you to lose focus. You can also experiment with paint colours to see if those affect your productivity too, it can be a good idea to use neutral colours such as blue and cream to create a relaxed environment.


As mentioned a cluttered and messy office can reduce productivity. If your desk is full of documents, files and books it can be demotivating, as a messy desk is proven to lower productivity and cause stress  To combat this, invest in good storage i.e put up adequate shelves and bookcases where necessary, devise a good filing system and purchase enough desk drawers to ensure you keep your office neat and tidy.


Your choice of decor is also important too. Choose cabinets and shelves which don’t take up too much space as you don’t want your office to feel claustrophobic especially when stressed. Wall floating shelves and foldaway desks are smart pieces of furniture that can help with this while reducing exposed wiring, old units, and unnecessary cables will also make your office appear streamlined and orderly.
Creating a home office doesn’t have to be difficult and you can fit one into nearly any part of your house, as long as you’re willing to be creative. You can build an office under your staircase, within an unused alcove or in the traditional spare room. Times are changing and most homes will require some sort of workspace in the future, hopefully, the ideas in this post will help you create the perfect home office.