Caring for your Office Peace Lily

As we all begin to head back to work, we are all thinking about sprucing up the workplace – putting up Perspex barriers to comply with social distancing guidelines, and improving the office with new desks and chairs – this company even deliver next day office furniture so you wont have to wait long

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One way to make the office a bit nicer, is to add plants. The workplace can be a difficult place to keep plants, but some plants do really well indoors, and specifically in the office environment. One of these is the peace lily. Not only are peace lilies a stunningly beautiful plant, they are also well suited to the office environment. Here is how to care for your office peace lily…

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To make the most of the stunning flowers that a peace lily can produce, expose it to some sunlight. It doesn’t want to be in the sun directly all day, as they live on the forest floor when they are in the wild, they are used to only receiving a bit of sunlight.

Peace lilies can spend a short amount of time without water, and do not like to be over watered, so do not worry if you forget for a day. However, if left too long leaves will start to brown. Misting the leaves with a water spray is also a good way to replicate their natural, moist environment.

Peace lilies are naturally found in tropical forests, so keep them in an area where the temperature is always above 21 degrees Celsius if possible, to get the best from them. Also, keep them away from draughts, so not near open doors and windows.