Choosing a Web Host for Your E-Commerce Biz: 5 Factors to Consider

It’s hard to believe that in the 80s, there was no internet, especially when you see just how much the World Wide Web affects us all today. For instance, think about how being online has changed the way we all shop. Rather than always having to rely on going to a physical store, now it’s just a matter of going to a website, choosing what we want, paying for it with a credit card, and then having it shipped to directly to our home. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and being that no driving is needed, it’s even good for the environment.

If these are some of the reasons why you’ve decided to have an ecommerce business, then you’re definitely going to need to build an amazing website. A part of that consists of choosing the right web host. If you’d like some tips on how to do that, please read on.

Know what you need. Before you do anything else, it’s important that you know what you need from a web hosting company. What kind of website are you planning to build? What type of software are you planning to use? When you’re speaking with a customer service agent for a web hosting company, these are some of the questions that they are going to ask you. It’s best if you know the answers before reaching out to them.

Know the host’s server uptime record. According to several published articles, people tend to spend less than a minute on a website before moving on to another one. A way to make sure that they spend more time on yours is to have awesome content on it. Another is for it to download quickly. Another is for the site to have a high server uptime record. If the web hosting company says that theirs is less than 99.5 percent, you need to look elsewhere.

Know what the server upgrades are. If you suspect that over the next couple of years, your website is going to need to grow significantly, then something else the website hosting company needs to be able to offer you is server upgrade capability. They should be able to easily take you from shared hosting to VPS and then to a dedicated server without a lot of hassle.

Know the ecommerce features. Of course, as an ecommerce business, something else that you’re going to need to have are ecommerce features. Basically, these are features that make it possible for you to process transactions on your website. Awwwards is one website that has a list of some of the best ecommerce websites on the market. Go to the site and put “very best ecommerce websites” in the search field.

Know the price. If someone told you that is their favorite source for providing web hosting information, before using a web hosting provider that the site recommends, there’s one more thing that you should think about: the cost. In order to get the best rate on a web hosting company, you should compare 3-5 different providers. Also, look into things like each company’s refund policy, their renewal fees, and if they offer discounts for making referrals. Once you find a site with the features you want at the rate you can afford, you’ll know that you found the ideal web hosting company for your business. For information on the different types of web hosting that you can choose from, visit TC Concepts and put “web hosting types” in the search field.