Do you want to be an independent worker? 7 truths no one told you

Perhaps you are thinking of becoming an independent worker, or capable and you have already gotten to work. Good for you!

This means that you are doing something positive for your dreams. You are taking action (or you are about to do it) and this is the most difficult step: decide to do it.

To be an independent worker

Self-employment can provide a fuller life. Just as this practice has its good things, it also has its very good things – and this “dark” part is not mentioned very often.

In this article, we will give you some truths regarding self- employment or freelancing that you may not have thought of before.

Most freelancers say that working for yourself is the best and will bring you freedom. But what they do not tell you is that it is also stressful, confusing, and frustrating. Those who have been working this way will laugh and nod when they read the article – and the new ones will be creating a more realistic image.

8 Things You Should Know About Being an Independent Worker

1. Sometimes you get disheartened from the work you do

When this happens for the first time you will be afraid, you will think that you have made a serious mistake, that your life will be over, that you are a failure, or even make you want to jump off a bridge – well, the latter is exaggerated.

But do not worry or hurt yourself because this is momentary.

The truth is, at some point all independent workers will feel rejected by what they do. It turns out it is completely natural and just means that you need a break. I have discovered that working autonomously has “a certain form” and that many times you will feel unwilling to do what you do.

This feeling fades in a few weeks and you will feel normal. He thinks it will happen again, and when it does, he remembers that it is normal and everything is fine.

2. Some days you will not want anything

Unlike point one, you will occasionally wake up and decide that you prefer a day in the park, at the movies, or even watching TV on the couch. Unless there’s something to pressure you, then just go for what you want. Remember not to make a habit of this, work harder another day. Do not get used to the idea of freedom and appreciate that you can decide.

3. It frightens at first

Unless you understand head to head what you do and be an expert, it’s going to be a bit scary. You will worry that you do not have many clients, that you will not be good enough, that you will fail and you will be like a failure, that you will starve and a lot of other things more. It is completely normal to go through this stage and you will overcome it.

4. It will take a while to realize what you really want

When you start, you probably work the same number of hours as in your previous job, you will take orders from customers like your boss and you will feel bad if you do not take advantage of every minute.

This is because you have been institutionalized for years.

Remember that you are now independent so you can work the hours you want and from wherever you want. Now you are the boss and you have control of who you work with, what jobs you take and how you do it. Obviously always responding to certain requirements.

It may take some time to realize that you really are the boss and its advantages.

5. It will not be as you planned it

Before becoming a freelancer, I had this great idea that it would come up very fast, that I could go jogging, have a healthy breakfast, work every day on interesting things with good customers and they were willing to pay me well to help them, and then finish working at a reasonable time.

The truth is that your day can be like this, but the possibilities are small and it is very possible that your day is totally different.

6. You’ll be “stuck” in videos of cats on the Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing – you write things in a text box and it shows you a lot of things. It’s also home to many nonsense, funny videos of cats like you’ve never imagined that you’re being prompted to see them every day. Some days you will try not to spend whole mornings at online shopping sites or reviewing Facebook … and some days you will succeed.

7. Customers are not cool

Do not be put off, some customers are excellent. Now I have fantastic clients who appreciate what I do, they pay me well and on time, they are easy to communicate and you have realistic expectations. But I’ve also had to deal with difficult customers.

There are clients who want to moon immediately, some who have no idea what they want, others who do not pay in time, stingy, insensitive and the list could follow.

Over time you will know how to choose your customers better.

Rashed Ahmed regularly contributes to online news magazines and living ideas to various blogs around the web. When he’s not busy working with the work, you will find him undertaking many of her own lifestyle-related topics and living ideas! He has a lot of dreams. He works hard to fulfill his dreams. He loves to share his ideas, tricks, tips, and information by blogging. He also works at craziest business ideas, a business marketing company that committed to helping businesses with online marketing.