Evaluate Your Kitchen Health in 10 Smart Ways

what’s at stake is nothing less than your family’s health and quality of living. While having a healthy kitchen might seem difficult at first, doing it smartly makes things so much easier. Here are 10 easy ways to evaluate your kitchen and transform to a healthier space.

Have You Tried Kombucha?


It’s high time that you reorganize your kitchen if the first thing you see in your storage is soda and unhealthy drinks. A great alternative that is sweet yet super healthy is Kombucha. Described as the “Immortal Health Elixir”, Kombucha has been around for a good 2,000 years. It is produced through the process of fermenting tea and sugar. The result? A refreshing drink that tastes like sparkling flavoured water, depending on the flavor of the tea used. Some of the serious health benefits include prevention of cancer and degenerative diseases. Ready-to-drink Kombucha should be easy to find in most groceries and health stores.

Make Garlic a Cooking Staple


How you organize the kitchen for healthy eating is largely dependent on the food staples you stock up. Replace processed foods and condiments, and say hello to fresh and healthier staples. Not only will your meals taste more delicious, they will also be much healthier for you and your family. A great staple is a garlic, a natural weight-loss food and an immune system booster rich in vitamins C, B6, and manganese. Use it to marinade and cook lean meats like beef fillet for a tasty flavor that’s superbly healthy.

Alternate Rice with Quinoa

While rice is a great source of carbohydrates, eating too much of it can be problematic for your health. This is where quinoa (pronounced as keen-wa) enters the picture as a great alternative. A healthy kitchen should have this nourishing and life-enhancing food. A grain crop that is packed with protein and fiber, quinoa is also a fantastic source of energizing iron and B vitamins. It’s also one of the speediest grains to cook. It has a similar texture with rice but is lower in calories. Combine it with chicken, chopped veggies, lemon juice, salt and pepper for a delicious and healthy meal.

Fill Your Kitchen with Red, Yellow and Green


Having a tiny kitchen is no excuse to be unhealthy. In fact, having a limited space for a healthy kitchen is much easier to maintain. Try this visual experiment: What are the colors that pop in your kitchen? Do you see a lot of red, yellow, and green? Assessing your kitchen based on the natural colors of healthy produce will give you a good indication of its health level. Decorate and bring color to your kitchen with fruits and vegetables. This will make your kitchen feel like it’s brimming with life and color regardless of its size.

Use Natural Ingredients to Ward Off Insects

One of the worst kitchen crimes to avoid is having those pesky insects take up residence in your cooking and eating space. For the sake of your family’s health, always keep everything clean and inhabitable for roaches and other insects. Cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen need not expensive to be safe and effective. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean areas frequented by roaches. You can also place natural repellents like bay leaves in your shelves to shoo away insects.

De-Clutter for a Stress-free and Efficient Kitchen

Clutter is one of the top ingredients of an unhealthy and stressful kitchen. A cluttered kitchen not only drains your energy, but it also makes the space hazardous for you and your kids. Moreover, having a small cluttered kitchen will feel restrictive and suffocating. Having a healthy, stress-free and safe kitchen requires thorough de-cluttering. Make sure that kitchen utensils and equipment are properly cleaned and stored. Also, evaluate the appliances that are not used much. Store them or give them away to a friend who might find them more useful. A clutter-free kitchen has the power to sustain your healthy habits in the long run.

Your Kitchen is Your Ally for a Healthy Lifestyle

Your modern condo kitchen is one of your best tools to support a healthy lifestyle despite a busy week. When cooking in your condo, you have to approach food preparation smartly. Here’s a general and easy-to-apply framework: buy your healthy food essentials once a week and spend 30 to 60 minutes preparing them. This comprises washing, drying, and storing vegetables and fruits for your salads. Package them in small containers for easy access during the week. You can easily take them to work and have your kids bring them to school. Food prepping will save you tons of time while maintaining a healthy kitchen and lifestyle.

Opt for Smart Oils for a Healthy Kitchen and Heart


Switching to healthy cooking oils is one of the most effective ways to stock your kitchen for a healthy heart. Your heart will thank you for using oils that support your health. Olive oil and coconut oil is the smart way to go for cooking and dressing your salads with healthy fats. For most of your cooking, you can also use canola oil as a cheaper alternative. Canola oil is high in monounsaturated fat and a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Freeze Up for Your Health and Convenience

A big component of a smart and healthy kitchen relates to what’s in your freezer. Often the unsung hero of a healthy kitchen, your freezer is great for healthy conveniences and quick meals to beat the morning rush. For example, did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables make for delicious smoothies? Mix frozen apples and bananas with lemon and romaine lettuce for a delicious drink even your kids will love. With frozen goodies, you can also quickly whip up healthy soups and re-heatable meals during the weekday.

Always Wake Up to a Clean Kitchen


Waking up to a healthy, clean, and safe kitchen is one of the nicest feelings. If you wake up to a dirty sink or table counter, it can feel like you’re starting your day wrong and full of chores. Avoid making your kitchen a room full of dirty habits.  A simple but smart suggestion on how to makeover your kitchen is to wash and load messy tools and dishes right away so they don’t pile up. In other words, clean as you go. Also, replace your kitchen sponge every week to avoid making your kitchen a haven for bacteria and viruses. Throw out unused bottles and plastic wares, and use clean kitchen rugs and cloth to prevent cross-contamination.

The possible hazards of maintaining an unhealthy kitchen—from food poisoning and illnesses to potential dangers and accidents—are serious. Could you bear the thought of compromising your family’s health and safety? Having a healthy kitchen is not rocket science. These healthy makeover tips for your condo kitchen help you in creating a quality life for you and your loved ones