Five Office Rental Tips for Start-ups

Renting an office space can be really daunting if you are a start-up and this is your first time. Having an office rental is different and much more complex than renting a home or car. Being a start-up, it can be extra intimidating as you don’t know where your business will be in six months. That flexibility is key for finding an office space as a start-up. Here we are going to outline five rental tips before you jump in to your first lease as a start-up.

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The Need for Space

Many people with a start-up business hunt for an office space just assuming they need it. However, you may only need a workspace for your business. It’s great to have that level of professionalism in having your own office, but think about if it’s really necessary for your start-up.

The Affordability Factor

Once you know that you really do need an office space, you need to think about the cost of renting one. The key here is to get everything you need for a price you can afford. Being on top of your financial plan as a start-up is important to weather any changes that come. Opt for a lease that will suit your budget for months to come.

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Location, Location, Location

A great location for an office is close to public transport and to your client base. Having a good location also makes it easier for start-ups to hire top talent in the area. Have you been looking for offices to let Basingstoke? There are plenty of options for Basingstoke offices to let for start-ups.

The Amenities

Think about if you will need a kitchen, conference rooms and storage space. You need a space that helps your business and doesn’t hinder it. Only look at the spaces you know will have the amenities you need to support your start-up.

Policies on Moving in and Out

Time is a fickle friend of the start-up business. You don’t want to be waiting around for a month for the space to be ready for you to move in. You also don’t want to have a lot of responsibilities when it comes time to move out. Ensure you find out what the fees are if you break the lease, and if these will be affordable for you.