Gemstone And Diamond Cleaning In An Effective Way

Jewelry is the most prized possession of any woman. Women all around the world appreciate and love wearing jewelry. They are also very protective of their jewelry. If a man has to shower love on his woman, gifting jewelry can be the best option.

Gemstone and diamonds are always adorable and very favorite for everyone, especially for women. So keeping these with same gorgeousness is the desire of everyone. But most of the time people are unable to keep it as it is for the first time due to proper care and random use.

Most of the people have not much idea about the way of cleaning these properly. So we are suggesting here few tips to keep your memory safe saving your precious gemstone or diamond jewelry. Give it a time, follow the tips and avoid the abrasive ways that may harm the stones.

A Few tips to take care of your gemstones and diamonds

Soak the gemstones and diamonds in the mild soap solution or can keep these deep in the soap solution for hours also. And then use a soft brush gently to remove the dirt if any. Avoid any kind of hard bristles brush. You can also use small wooden pieces of a toothpick. After cleaning rinse these with slightly warm water.

After washing these, blot the stones to dry with a soft piece of flannel or cotton cloth. So that any scratch will not be printed on the stones. Using ammonia solution could be an option to shine your gemstones and diamonds but make it sure that the stones are not attached to any metals because the ammonia solution will fade the color of the metals. So it is good to avoid this solution as per as possible.

Restrictions on using chemicals and tools to clean up the stones

Gemstones and diamonds are precious to you, so handle it with care and follow the steps suggested. Don’t be lazy in that. Avoid harsh chemicals and staffs how much you can. Random use of these may simply spoil your ornaments made with gemstones and diamonds. You may use baby soaps because these are very soft in nature. Keep it in your mind that after washing you are not forgetting to dry these because any chemicals can persist that may harm your valuable stones.

Nowadays ultrasonic cleaners are used by many people. But remember these are applicable for the harder gemstones not to the softer ones because it may create scratches on softer ones.

Don’t use hand and body lotions, hair styling lotions and anything that grimes and leaves a film over the stones or at the back of the stones. As a result, the light will not be able to pass and reflect properly and gradually the luminosity will be reduced. Lacking proper cleaning for a long time can film of dust over the stones that are not easy to remove. In that case, some harsh chemicals need to apply. Though diamonds are hardest but still with vigorous scrubbing and using harsh chemicals will surely reduce the longevity of the stone and obviously decrease the brightness of that.