How accurate is GPS vehicle tracking?

Used widely within tracking devices, including those designed to track vehicle activity and sat-vavs, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology has become a large part of our daily travel routine.

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Accuracy Issues with Satellite Navigation Systems

If you have ever used a sat-nav, there may have been a time when it took you on an unexpected route, had trouble locating an address, or struggled to maintain a strong enough signal throughout your journey.

Tracking Vehicles with GPS

Devices designed to track vehicles also use GPS. The tracker will detect a signal from one of the multiple satellites that are in orbit around the Earth and use that data to pinpoint the longitude and latitude of the location of the vehicle. These crucial pieces of information will then be transmitted securely and will allow an individual or a business to quickly and easily locate their vehicle on a map.

The Accuracy of GPS

Impressively, many vehicle tracking systems are accurate within a radius of three metres, and with some of the more sophisticated systems, that radius is reduced to just one metre. There are a number of things that can affect the overall accuracy of a tracking system, however.

As this official US Government article explains, the weather, tunnels, tall buildings, hills, and dense trees can all compromise the accuracy of tracking data. Certain geographical areas may struggle to receive a strong enough signal, but if high levels of accuracy are important to you, investing in a high-quality device can alleviate some of these issues.

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Tracking devices are already highly accurate and reliable, but technology is consistently improving and signals are being strengthened to further improve the consistency of the connection, even in remote locations.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

In addition to being reassuring for owners and managers, real-time tracking technology, including models that can be seen and compared here can be hugely beneficial. Taxi companies can ensure their customers get where they need to be on time, and courier companies can keep on top of deliveries and supply their customers with highly accurate delivery times.

Tracking technology can also eliminate costly disputes by keeping a record of vehicle locations, travelling speeds and route deviations, helping to improve driver accountability and quickly solve any issues.