How Has Web Design Evolved in the past 10 Years?

While most of us are aware that technology and design all around us is changing rapidly, it can be hard to put a finger on specific developments. By looking at these in detail, we can trace the evolution of web design, and keep our own websites looking fresh.

How Has Web Design Evolved in the past 10 Years

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The Text-Heavy Years…

It is easy to see that the first major websites from the mid-two thousands, like weebly were still taking design tips from print media. Many were predominantly made up of several paragraphs of text and relatively few images or graphics. While this made it easy for users to pick out key pieces of information, it didn’t do much for the branding of the company in question, and could easily bore users.

Over the next five years, businesses started to included more and more simple graphic symbol to break up text, and make the user experience more intuitive, with more clickable links throughout the home page, and even some light animation.

…To the Image-Led Sell

The ext big step in the development of web design came with the use of more aspirational images throughout the site which served to show the user what type of business they were dealing with rather than telling them. Web design became more of an art than a science.

These days, its more common to open on one full-screen image with accompanying text a few inspiring words than a page full of text. Even the copy used has changed in tone, with many businesses adopting a more causal, friendly tone that speaks directly to the user rather than bombarding them with industry jargon.

Looking back on the evolution of web design also highlights the importance of regularly updating your own website. What looked fresh and exciting a couple of years ago may just not cut it anymore. A great way to keep your business’ site up to date is to get advice from the professionals. Find a London, Manchester or Cardiff web designer that can regularly check over your site to make sure everything is flowing just how it could. Specialists such as Cardiff web designer Ambercouch can advise on burgeoning trends and what’s popular with the competition.

So, if your website looks more like something from the mid-two thousands, now is a great time to make a change.