How to change your bathroom sealant

There is nothing worse than peel and discoloured sealant around your nice clean bathroom items. Not only is it very unsightly, but it can also mean that the structural integrity of the sealant is not what it used to be. This can then lead to water seeping in through gaps and getting into areas where you don’t want water to be congregating. The best way to correct this is to replace the existing sealant with new.

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Here are the steps you need to take to change your bathroom sealant.

Remove old sealant – the best way to do this is to use Silicone sealant remover like the ones available from It can be a good idea to use this type of tool as it helps you to remove the old in a clean way and without damaging the tiles or the surface of your bathroom items such as your sink or your bath.

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Mould – once you have removed the old season, you should check to see whether there is any mould or mildew that has built up behind the sealant. Make sure that you clean this with an appropriate cleaner and thoroughly diary the area. You may need to leave this for a few hours or overnight to dry out thoroughly.

New sealant – now is the time to add your en sealant. Make sure that all the surfaces are dry before you begin and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely.