Jobs you didn’t know needed a DBS check

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Did you know that any organisation can apply for criminal checks on their members of staff or volunteers? There are some jobs that we recognise as needing to have such checks such as teachers, nurses, police officers and care workers. In fact, most jobs that involve working with vulnerable children and/or adults will require a DBS check. However, there are some jobs that you might have considered that also require for extensive criminal checks to be made. Here we look at ten jobs that need such checks, which might surprise you:

Vets and RSPCA Staff

Anyone involved in the welfare of animals is eligible for all levels of a DBS check. This is because their role requires them to be in contact with pet owners, who could be under the age of 18, or be considered as vulnerable, as well as the vulnerable animals themselves. For a DBS Check, visit

Traffic Warden

With a very high level of contact with members of the general public, Traffic Wardens are eligible to obtain any level of DBS check. They could well come into contact with people under the age of 18 as well as those considered vulnerable. Due to the nature of the role and the level of public interaction, this is a jib that is also exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA), which means spent convictions must also be disclosed.

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To Have a Scrap Metal Licence

This might come as a surprise but as Councils are authorised to grant scrap metal licences, they want to ensure that before they do, the person requesting one is suitable to have one. If a basic disclosure reveals an individual has been convicted of certain offences, they will be refused a licence.

Any Job Which Involves Serving Alcohol

When running a pub for example, a person must apply for a Personal License to sell alcohol. A disclosure certificate of criminal convictions must be submitted to confirm suitability to hold the licence and the certificate cannot be more than one month old.

Commissioners for the Gambling Commission

As this job is involved in gambling, it is important to know that someone wishing to become a Commissioner for the Gambling Commission does not have any past convictions which may be of concern to the Commission. All levels of a DBS check are required for this position but where there may be cause for concern, an enhanced check will be actioned.

Football Stewards

Stewards are placed in direct and regular contact with the general public, many of who may be under 18 or considered vulnerable. The employer will decide what level of DBS check are needed for the role – Basic, Standard or Enhanced.


A Standard check will be required for those entering the profession as the job involves a great deal of trust and dealings with law and criminal matters.

Pest Control

You never know where these pests will pop up and so an individual working in pest control will often have to carry out work in places like nurseries, hospitals and nursing homes. They also have access to dangerous tools and often guns so a Basic Disclosure check is usually required for this profession.

Chartered Accountants

Another position of trust, the role of an accountant puts them in regular contact with the public and a regulated activity with adults, in the form of assistance with money or the conduct of a person’s financial affairs. Therefore, all levels of a DBS check are available for this profession.

Members of the Master Locksmiths Association

Again, a position of trust whereby their role involves having the keys to people’s homes, hospitals or schools, where children or vulnerable people may be present. For this reason, anybody who applies to become a member of the Master Locksmiths Association will need to have a DBS check completed.