Laying the perfect lawn

With summer just around the corner, more and more of us are looking forward to spending time in our gardens. If your grass is looking a bit thin and you long for lush green grass under your feet. Here are some tips for laying the perfect lawn.

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Make sure that you plan the best time to lay your lawn, as you will need to keep it watered. Depending on the type of soil that you have and the size of the area you are going to turf, you may want to consider contacting a Mini Digger Hire Nottingham company like to hire some equipment.


In order to lay turf, you need to carefully prepare the area. This will include removing all the old turf and clearing the space of any weeds. You may need to then level off the area to create an even lawn surface.

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Once your turf arrives, you will want to lay it within a 24-hour period so that it doesn’t dry out. You will need to give yourself enough time to get all of the turf laid in a short period of time.


Lay your first sections of turf along one edge and continue to work outwards. You should avoid standing on the prepared soil and instead lay boards down for you to walk on the row of turf that you have just placed down. This helps to bed the turf in and prevents you from creating divots in the ground that you have just levelled out.