Protecting yourself and others from Covid 19

Here in the UK, there is an established plan to deal with infectious diseases and outbreaks and we can all play an important role in making this plan work, slowing the spread of coronavirus.

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There are some simple and effective measures that everyone can take to protect themselves and the broader community:

1) Wash your hands often and catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue

One common route of virus transmission is through droplets released in sneezes and coughs – eg a person with a virus coughs into their hands, then touches the door handle. Face masks are now also becoming mandatory in public spaces. For an R Shield Scarf, visit a site like

A simple and effective way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus is to make sure you wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitiser if you are out and about.

2) Be prepared to self-isolate

As COVID-19 is now spreading in the community, people with symptoms of coronavirus should self-isolate at home.

This means stay indoors and avoid contact with others for seven days after the onset of symptoms. Individuals can resume normal activity after seven days if they do not have a temperature and feel like they are improving.

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3) Plan ahead based on your situation

Tried and tested tactics include isolation as mentioned above, as well as steps referred to as “social distancing.” One example of social distancing is to encourage more work from home, for example, or other options could involve urging people to continue to go to work or school as usual but reducing social activity or non-essential travel.