Rare Metal Platinum And Precious Stone Diamond Make A Classic Combination

Platinum is one of the rare metals and has always been a prized possession in jewellery form.  The metal is known for its smooth silky texture and is highly resistant to wear and tear.  It has been often associated with royalty and the rich and famous around the world, and owning a piece of Platinum jewellery is a dream comes true.  The Platinum jewellery segment has seen a steady growth in popularity with many people have started investing in it.  The price of jewellery made from this metal is much more expensive than gold, because it is rare and used in the pure form.

Platinum and Diamonds Go Well Together
Diamonds are best set in platinum, the color and shine of the stone is further enhanced by the white color of the metal.  Both the stone and the metal are lifetime investments and make the best combination.  There are a number of jewellery items with this combination.  There are solitaire rings in platinum, with a variety of cuts and clarity in the diamond used along with combination of diamonds or diamonds and other stones.  In fact, diamond studded wedding bands in platinum are very popular with the young these days, it is considered to be a symbol of purity.

Diamond Set In Platinum Pendants
Apart from rings, another popular jewellery item in this combination are pendants.  There are beautiful designs of pendants with diamonds set in platinum and they definitely are very classy.  Depending upon the budget, you can either buy only the pendant or as a set with matching earrings to go with it.  There are plenty of choices in this segment; the pendant can be a solitaire diamond of different cuts like pear shaped or princess cut.  There are plenty of other design choices that you will find it very difficult to choose the right one. Whatever be the kind of diamond stone, the setting of it in Platinum only enhances its beauty.

To further add to the beauty of the pendant, it is best worn on a Platinum chain.  It is available in almost all leading stores and the designs are plenty ranging from contemporary to Victorian designs.  There are many jewellery designers specializing only in platinum and diamond jewellery and they enjoy the attention of a niche crowd who want to stand out in a crowd with their exquisite designer jewellery collection.    A lot of the branded jewellery stores have dedicated sections to cater exclusively to platinum jewellery with diamonds and the same holds good for online stores as well.  There are plenty of design options for diamond set in platinum available in the many reputed online stores.