Reaching Your Passionate Segment

New innovations are making their way into the digital marketing space daily. In 2016, the new and important move will be innovative methods of segmentation and targeting. Brands now have a broader way to target audience, rather than just based on age, gender, location, socioeconomic status and social behavior thanks to social intelligence and content viewing indicators, which are prime tools in audience identification.

This new segmentation method and device for targeting relies on deeper parameters that stem from the passion level of the prospect.

This new customer typology approach identifies four types of potential customers available for targeting:

  • Passionate: those viewers that care deeply and are extremely passionate about a specific category/vertical – but their passion does not run as deep as being interested in a specific brand (i.e. fashion, travel, automobile, etc.)
  • Conventional: viewers that show interest at this moment in specific products or services, but the need is concrete and is relegated to a specific time period.
  • Future prospects: viewers that may be customers of a particular category sometime in the future.
  • Out-of-range: These viewers are not relevant to this category.

Using this method of targeting , the focus of marketers should be on the first passionate segment only if they want to realize a tangible ROI from the investment they have made in their marketing.

Who is This Segment and Why are They Important?

  • These users are exceptionally engaged in the related content and products of a given category. They perform their own research before making any decision or purchase, as well as perusing multiple information sources in order to gain knowledge prior to making any purchase decision. In addition, these people generally hold influence over others, and have a strong share of voice. They are likely to become repeat customers, and are usually the early adopters.

Even more than that, these users have the highest content consumption level when it comes to the new stage, or what is referred to as the “age of discovery”, where people no longer use search engines in order to seek out content on destination sites, but rather draw content in “on the fly” during the course of casual browsing and through engagement on social networks.

It Pays to Have Passion

Consumers that are part of the passionate segment are going to try new products. These consumers are the top audience members when it comes to up-selling. They are also the buyers who will remain the most loyal, and who will devour your content, become a member of your fan pages, and be enthused about any special opportunities presented. These consumers are the ones who will become your brand ambassadors, who will share your content and products to their established networks. These consumers will be your earned media.

Identifying Your Passionate Segment

Identifying this segment can be tracked through search engine usage, making use of social intelligence and through identification of the patterns of their content viewing, which can be accessed by tracking their content casual viewerships. This segment are the supreme consumers of both advertising and syndicated content.

2016 will be the beginning of the change towards using passionate segmentation as a  choice targeting and tracking method. From now, and moving forward, marketers will need to learn how to track and attract their most important target audience, the passionate segment, through the use of social networks and search engines as well as content syndication technologies.