Reasons: Why Whatsapp is better?

In todays date, WhatsApp is the latest messaging App, and is way better than all the others. This has taken over all other messaging apps, and SMSing is now obsolete. Who messages these days? Its instant messaging times now!  WhatsApp has gained way too much popularity over a matter of couple of years! After all these times, WhatsApp users have numbered to a 800 million, with 35 billion messages per day!

WhatsApp never seems to age out you know! Its like the craze has only been increasing ever since!

WhatsApp has covered a varied range of age groups. From small kids of 5-6 years, to married women! Everyone is all set and glued to their WhatsApp at any given time.

Reasons, Why WhatsApp is surely an amazing App

  1. The messaging App is free for the first year of use. No charges and no add ons. After the end of the first year of usage, the charges for subscription is as less as one dollar per month! Happy messaging it is!
  2. The App is simple, quick, and comes very easy. Instant messaging, what more do you need?
  3. All you need is to register with the help of your number. No email or any sign in is required to have access to the App.
  4. Everything happens instantly and there’s minimum requirement for any kind by the user.
  5. The user interface consists of the basic features to use for texting, some emoticons, sharing audios and videos along with pictures as well, group conversations and also restrict the number of people you talk to.

6.It is a better way to stay in touch over any other social media. Everything is more private, and also its on the simpler side.

7.Its the basic stuff, and does not keep spamming your inbox, or news with a hell lot of things.

  1. WhatsApp staff is on their toes throughout! You know why? There has never been any shut doesn’t, or any kind of technical errors despite so many number of people being connected to this. It surely is the perfect App for instant messaging.
  2. Also, this is one platform where practically nothing matters. Whether you have a Samsung, or a Blackberry, it connects everyone. All you need is a smartphone for yourselves!

10.As the founders have stated, “No ads, no games, no gimmicks”

So basically, we can rate WhatsApp with a five stars out of five. It is easy, its smart, and it comes at such easy rates, if at all required.

The Completion:

Over the years, WhatsApp has only developed, and for better. Even after the take over by Facebook, there’s been improvisations and amendments, and it has become a phenomenal app for use.

This is one App which brings smiles to faces for the sharing of pictures, audio, video or the Crazy Whatsapp Status Update. Its perfect for recreation, useful for business, and surely benefitting for connection to people at a global level.

The praises and eulogies will never end, and WhatsApp will only succeed in reaching heights, even higher than now.

So all you WhatsApp users, Happy WhatsApping!