Researching, planning and shopping for your wedding on the Internet

Preparing for the biggest day of your life is less stressful than ever thanks to the invention of the internet. Everything you need is now available from the comfort of your own home and there is a lot of choices available on wedding websites who will assist you with all your special purchases.

When to start planning and what do first

Once you have set your date, the first thing you will want to do is let your loved ones and friends know. Then you can start making an itinerary for all the important factors, such as flowers, invitations, honeymoon and a wedding present list. It may all seem daunting, but starting as you mean to go on is the key to ensuring a smoothly organised event. To ensure that all the people you want to share your day with you both, they need as much notice as possible.

Informing your loved ones of your wedding

Whether the date of your wedding is six or eight or twelve months away, thanks to the creation of saving the date wedding cards, you can do this immediately. Not only is this a good way of informing people, it gives them good notice so they can diarise your special day well in advance. This does not replace the need to send out formal invitations, but as they are sent out much closer to your wedding date, it may well reduce the number of guests who cannot commit to sharing your day due to other commitments.

What to include on your card

Your save the date wedding cards are sure to do what they suggest; they tell the person you want to come to your wedding of the date and to save it, it’s very simple. All the special information regarding venue and directions will be provided later when you send your formal invites, which can be anything up to four weeks before. You can make the card as formal or informal as you wish, just ensuring that you include the words “invitation to follow” at the bottom of the card.

Types of cards available

Choosing your own save the date cards is the fun part. They don’t even have to be cards; they can also be fridge magnets or even a simple postcard. Most companies who specialise in producing these for you, especially online businesses have a lot more variety to choose from and they will personalise these in exactly the style you want. So take your time and browse the many styles available.

Some people may consider that save the date wedding cards are an unnecessary expense. When you are going to spend the best part of a year or so organising your day, as well as a lot of money, the last thing you want our guests saying they are unable to make it as they have other plans, so it’s a very small price to pay to know as early as possible that everybody can make it and share all your special memories with you.