Rugs are not useful only for Decoration Purposes

If you ask any carpet salesman in State, he would tell you that most consumers buy carpets and rugs for decoration purposes. The first thing people think is where to place their new rug, what color will match the rest of the house and what other decorative tricks can make their home look even nicer. Rugs play multiple roles in our lives, which are related with our culture, lifestyle, insulation expectancies, and the protection of hard surfaces or sensitive wooden floors. If you study the history of rugs, you will see that rugs solved many everyday problems of the peoples of ancient or more recent civilizations. If you want to find more information about the history of rugs, you can browse in the internet where you can also find many sites that focus on carpet cleaning.

Rugs can protect you from accidents

Rugs that are meant to be placed in kid’s rooms are an excellent example of how they can protect us from accidents. Hard surfaces can be very dangerous, especially for kids who play and run around the house without thinking of a possible accident, but a rug can protect them effectively and minimize the possibility of an injury. Of course, you must not forget the effects on your health, if you don’t engage on regular home carpet cleaning that will help you prevent serious respiratory problems and that’s why you must only use ecofriendly products for their cleaning.

Rugs represent a culture

Every time you do residential carpet cleaning, you notice the beautiful motifs of your Persian rugs. Although, most people in City believe that the depictions are random motifs, in reality they are representations of a peoples’ daily activities or they tell a story. Many motifs are symbols of emotions and many peoples used the rugs to narrate the story of an era or pass to the younger people the knowledge of the elders. That’s why they have such extraordinary colors, which must be kept alive with the application of white vinegar that will also do miracles for stain removal.

The importance of rugs for home insulation

Years ago, many people in the Mediterranean countries did not only place their rugs on the floors, but on the walls as well since they were excellent decors as well as insulation means. Even when we place the wool rugs on the floor, we can feel the difference in the indoor temperature. They can insulate the homes properly and that’s why rugs are connected with the idea of cosy houses and warm atmospheres. That’s the reason we think of romantic or personal relaxation moments on warm carpets, but if you want to lie on them without fear for your health, you must be very thorough with house carpet cleaning and deal with the repercussions of water damage immediately. If you have pets at home and still have the habit to put your face on the rugs, you must also engage on pet stain & odor removal as well at least twice a year.