Six Questions to Ask Before Booking a Meeting Room

Whatever type of business event you are looking to hold, find the right venue is key. Asking these six questions will help make sure you find the right venue for your needs.

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1. What is the purpose of the meeting?

Ask why you are holding the meeting. If it’s a team meeting, for example, functionality may well be more important than how the venue looks. If it’s a conference and you’ve invited clients, you’ll probably want a room that is not only functional but stylish too.

2. How will people be arriving?

A venue in the middle of the countryside might seem like a great location, but it won’t work if most of your delegates are arriving by train; if they are, find a venue near a major train station. However, if most are driving, parking will be more important. Look for a venue with ample parking, ideally free of charge. Remember that accessing meeting rooms should be easy so delegates get the most out of the day.

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3. Do they serve food?

If you’re planning on serving food, you’ll need to find a venue with on-site catering – potentially one with kitchen staff who can prepare a hot buffet and meet delegates’ dietary requirements.

4. Do they have excellent customer service?

You can’t just go on what a venue says. Think about your own experience with the venue, starting with the moment you called up to enquire about a booking. If you weren’t happy with the service you got, your delegates probably won’t be either.

5. What technology is available?

If you plan on having presentations, you need to find out what technology the venue offers, such as projectors and audio-visual equipment. Ask about Wi-Fi too; most delegates will expect free Wi-Fi.

6. How does it look and feel?

How a venue feels goes a long way to making delegates feel comfortable. Look at photos of the venue online or make a personal visit to check it meets your needs. If you want a venue with great-looking meeting rooms Windsor hotel offers just that.

By getting these questions answered, you’ll go a long way to making sure that your meeting runs well and delegates get the most from the day – something every meeting organiser wants.