Smart Ways To Increase Web Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website can spell the difference between success and failure. The more visitors you have, the more likely you will turn at least some of them into customers. Here are a number of smart ways for you to increase your web traffic.

1. Social Media

One of the best connection points for businesses large and small is social media. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit should be explored as methods for sharing your content. If you have a lot of pictures, then put Pinterest on that list.

Social media is virtually free although if you want to improve your results, then purchasing ads may be necessary. And, you’ll have to dedicate at least one person to oversee your efforts, what can prove costly for small businesses. Even so, your social media participation can help your overall business initiative.

2. Write Magnetic Headlines

Work diligently to ensure that your headlines simply rock. Consider carefully what you’re saying and how you say it. As Copyblogger explains you should choose “…one that makes an irresistible promise to readers.”

You must understand both your audience and your product as you make your pitch. Moreover, you should consider multiple headline strategies and employ these. You can’t afford to write bland and expect grand.

3. Pay for Advertising

The most clear path to new customers comes through advertising. It is almost impossible to escape not advertising and it should be a method you incorporate within your overall strategy.

There are so many ways to get the word out there, but the most popular have everything to do with the web and include ad services such as Google AdWords. Get your brand in front of more eyes and people will remember it. You’ll also get more customers, so learn what keywords work best to attract them to your site.

4. Write “Can’t Resist” Content

It is so difficult to obtain links from other websites. The effort is hardly worth it and Google frowns upon active linking that does not appear naturally. It is at this point that you must change up your strategy.

Here, you will want to write excellent content, providing information that your readers will find informative, interesting and worth keeping. Oftentimes, the articles that receive the most attention are those that impart new or fresh information in an easy way. Make good use of charts, graphs and photos too. Share your content on social media for additional attention.

5. Put on Your Interview Cap

Become a reporter for a day. Or longer. Know who the industry thought leaders are and make a point to interview each and every one of them.

You’ll do a few things here:

1. You’ll build up your creditability. Your website will become known as the place where industry kingpins are interviewed notes

2. You’ll gain new business. With key interviews present, you’ll gain more followers. More followers mean more business. Your entire website should thrive accordingly.

Plan to interview your people over the phone or in person. Sending questions simply does not cut it. You should have questions prepared and be ready to pivot as necessary. Get certain points elaborated and ask the hard questions. Build a reputation for hard nosed, but truthful interviewing skills.

Increase Web Traffic

All five points can help build your website, but they aren’t the only avenues you should pursue. You should ensure that your website loads fast, is easy to navigate and is frequently updated.

Create a sense of community and your website will move from an afterthought to a destination in many people’s eyes. Keep a close eye out on your analytics and be prepared to make changes quickly. It is a competitive world out there, one where your website can shine.