Spring cleaning tips for commercial premises

A spring clean at your commercial premises is just as important as one in your home. A spring clean should be carried out in addition to your weekly and daily cleaning rota and can include those often overlooked nooks and crannies. Read on for our top tips to spring cleaning success at your premises.

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Carpet cleaning

If you have carpets at your premises, they should be cleaned once a year. Technically, they need cleaning more than your home carpets, as staff and clients will walk on them more frequently. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning in Belfast, it pays to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Other floors

It’s not just carpets that need frequent cleaning and maintenance, as wood floors and other hard floors also need sanding, polishing, buffing or repairing. This is especially important if lots of heavy goods are moved around your premises or you have workers in heavy boots.

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Window cleaning

Windows need cleaning more than just once a year, naturally. During the spring clean, make sure that they are deep cleaned, including the casements and window sills.


Now is the time to de-clutter. Work premises, just like home, can quickly build up clutter that hampers your day to day business. For some businesses, this is largely paper-based, but for others, it may include old products, personal items belonging to staff, packaging or general mess. Get everyone in the office or warehouse involved with a de-clutter, and you’ll be amazed by how much you can clear out and how much more efficient things are after your tidy up.

Contract it out

If cleaning isn’t your strong point, then hire a commercial cleaning company. This type of firm can come in and do a yearly spring clean in addition to a normal cleaning contract, or as a standalone one-off service. Services offered by commercial cleaners are usually extensive and often include buffing or polishing wooden floors, carpet cleaning and general deep cleaning. Whether you need commercial cleaning in Belfast, London or Manchester, the job will get done far more efficiently and to a higher standard, if you get the professionals in.

Whether you do it yourself or you get the professionals in, a spring clean will do your work premises no end of good. Remember to include a really good de-clutter too.