The Best Current MP3 Players

Although personal or commonly called MP3 players are in decline due to the influence of smartphones, there are still models on the market that far exceed the quality of sound that any smartphone can offer. Obviously they are not economic players; are aimed at the most demanding and the exquisiteness and economy do not get along. The best current MP3 players.

From mp3 to lossless formats

With the rapid development of digital music, lossless formats have been implemented in order to achieve the most clearly and perfect audio quality. Music lovers do not scrimp on efforts to get the digital master copy of their favorite 192 kHz / 24-bit album. This will only be achieved with the right player and the appropriate format such as FLAC or ALAC.

Sandisk Sansa Clip +

We open the top with this player Sandisk manufacturer who, despite having several years in the market, is one of the best personal players for its great quality and reduced price. Directed to those who do not conform to a basic player and do not seek to make a large outlay.

It is ideal for people who use it while playing sports or looking for a small player that goes unnoticed, and includes a clip with which it can be placed anywhere.

Sansa Clip + Colors

On the technical side, the Sansa Clip + has a small monochrome OLED display, a battery of 15 hours of autonomy and a FM radio with 40 presets. The available capacities are of 4 GB and 8 GB, expandable by means of the slot microSD that owns. The formats it plays are MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC.

There is a new version in the market that aesthetically improves the previous one and even comes out cheaper. We recommend you make the purchase on Amazon; it’s at a very good price.

Cowon i9 +

This great player manufactured by Cowon uses several technologies developed by the brand to improve the sound quality. The Cowon i9 + player intelligently restore lost detail and improve digital content with exceptional sharpness.

The Cowon i9 + is available in several colors

The Cowon i9 + has a 2-inch diagonal display that facilitates interaction with the device, a capacity of 16 GB, and FM radio with 32 programmable stations. The audio formats it plays are MP3, WMA, WAV, ACC, OGG and FLAC. It has a battery of 29 hours of autonomy playing audio and 7 hours of autonomy playing video.

It also has voice recorder and video output, which offers the possibility of connecting it to a TV. It is quite light with just 40 grams of weight and its internal amplifier is giving very good result.

If you are interested in a good player like this, you can find it on Amazon at a great price. We did not find it cheaper.

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Fiio X3

The Fiio X3 is the personal player very well valued in this top. This player is capable of playing all audio formats without loss, with a 192K / 24B rate. People who have used it ensure that listening to the master of a recording of that quality is like being in the recording studio.

The Fiio X3 does not have functions like FM radio or voice recorder, it is a device born to reproduce our audio files with the highest possible quality, and that is its only function.

Fiio X3 image

It has a capacity of 8 GB expandable by means of a microSD card of up to 64 Gb, screen of 2, 4 inches and a resolution of 240 x 320. It has autonomy of 10 hours of reproduction and reproduces formats like APE, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, MP3 or MP2.

It is difficult to do today with an X3, despite being a quite desired product. The best price we have found is that of this link.

I recommend buying the new version, which is worth a little bit more and is much easier to find. You have it on Amazon (recommended for your service) and it is also in Aliexpress quite cheaper, if you are not in hurry (it takes longer the shipping) is a good option.

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In Redcoon, they have all the current range of Fiio players, with 2 years warranty and shipping from Spain in 24/48 hours, here we leave the link for you to take a look!!

Fiio X5

Like its predecessor, the Fiio X5 is manufactured exclusively to reproduce sound with the highest possible quality. No Wi-Fi, bluetooth, not even FM radio. If you want quality music, here you have it.

Its looks are sober and elegant, it supports a capacity of 128 GB with microSD cards (has 2 slots) and reproduces formats without losses like FLAC, APE, ALAC, AAC and classic like MP3 or WMA.

It has a screen of 2.4 “and a construction so robust that could serve as a throwing weapon at any given time, surely it would not break.

Fiio X5

The finish of the Fiio X5 is sober but very resistant

The price of the Fiio X5 is prohibitive and will only be available to a few, but it is the price to pay for having the best sound quality in your pocket and without complications, just copy and paste inside. If you are interested in one of them you can find the Fiio X5 second generation here.