The Entrepreneur: Balance Is Obtainable

Balance is important. People are at their best when they are balanced. The same holds true for business. A person who is focused and balanced will perform their best in business. For the entrepreneur that has much riding on his or her shoulders, this is essential.

Discover What Balance Means
Balance between work and life does not mean 50 percent spent with work and the other 50 with life. Balance for one does not mean balance for another. Balance may be 80 percent work and 20 percent life where that 20 percent is spent on a single aspect. A person with a fuller life may need to divide up time in more creative ways. Sleep, children, a spouse and other attention requirements are all factors that weigh heavily on where the most time is spent. This also depends on goals.

Discover What Matters Most
What matters most is as individual as the person who considers what that is. Business goals, personal goals, traveling, friends, family and other factors of life are important and depending upon the individual, carry different weight. Unless and until an entrepreneur discovers what’s most important, it is not possible to have balance between work and life. After all, you can’t balance something with nothing.

It is also important to lay down priorities. For instance, children should outweigh the need to watch TV. In fact, most things in daily life outweigh TV and other forms of distraction. Most often, people that complain that there are not enough hours in the day are wasting time where it shouldn’t be. For instance, it is not necessary to spend hour upon hour cleaning. One hour focused on what’s needed for cleaning suffices.

Establish priorities from greatest to least. Attend to the greatest of priorities first, if possible, and spend the most amount of time on them. When priorities are made and attended to, the insignificant clutter that normally steals time are done away with and a greater amount of creative flow can be applied to work and the other things that matter most.

Include Passion in Life
Depending upon what an entrepreneur does for business, it can be included into other areas of life. For instance, include business with pleasure—sit in a far away country next to a beautiful mountainside, sipping coffee and “working.” Find other clever ways to kill 2 birds with one stone. However, keep in mind to be there “in the moment” with friends and family.

When an entrepreneur is balanced, that which he or she directs attention to will thrive. Choose wisely what those things are, their level of importance and cut out that which is not important.