The importance of self care when you work from home

Self care is something that we all neglect in our daily lives, but for those people who work from home it is more important that you might think. It can be difficult to adjust to working from home and initially it can be hard to create the boundaries that are needed to ensure that you aren’t working longer hours and finishing projects on your weekends. Here are some tips to maintaining self care whilst working from home.

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Routine – keeping a routine is incredibly important as it helps you to define what time it is when you work and when it is time for you to relax and spend time with your family and friends. The line between the two can become very blurred if you don’t set a routine for yourself.


Start of day – a good start to the day includes a good breakfast. It can be tempting to carry on with skipping breakfast that you may have become accustomed to as you rushed out of the door on the daily commute. With the extra time that you now have available you can start the day off in the right way.

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Time out – make sure that you still book yourself some time away, whether this is for a holiday or even a trip for a Cotswolds Spa Weekend to destress and relax. These periods of time away from it all help you to reset and come back with an increased motivation and drive to continue with your work.