The most popular types of corporate events and how they can benefit your team

With millions spent on hotels, conference centres, country clubs, restaurants and convention centres every year, corporate events are booming. While these are the most typical areas for meetings, almost every unique venue has been used at some point for corporate gatherings.


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While some businesses have their own corporate event planners, many other firms employ the services of a corporate event company, who can arrange everything from seminars and conferences to corporate Christmas events.

The most popular corporate occasions generally fall into the following areas:

Conferences and seminars

Held with targeted audiences, these meetings provide your team with relevant up-to-date information. Typically held at hotels and can span half a day through to several days.

Trade shows

This is a lead generation activity for organisations and offers the exhibitor the opportunity to demonstrate their image as an industry leader, creating awareness amongst those who attend, such as customers, members, suppliers and prospects.

Incentive programs

Often held at luxury resorts or hotels, incentive programs and executive retreats are the most visible within a company. While business is discussed on these trips, equal time is spent on enjoyable activities as promised by the original incentive and reward, boosting productivity.

Golf events

A popular business event, particularly in the USA, is the annual golfing day out. The main objective is relationship management and meetings are typically held on site.

Appreciation events

Bringing together business partners, these enjoyable events provide a non-traditional environment, allowing the opportunity for building rapport and discovering mutual business ideas. Typical events include dinner and theatre, a day at a race track, day or evening cruises and suites at sporting arenas.

Company milestones

A company milestone, anniversary, grand opening or even Christmas is the perfect reason to celebrate, throw a party and show your employees your appreciation. Using a professional company such as Davis Events Christmas corporate events agency will provide you with expert advice, recommendations and organisational skills you may require to host the perfect celebratory event.

Team building events

Building employee morale, confidence and goodwill, as well as building upon the strengths of the company, team building events are fun and positive affairs. They provide the opportunity for colleagues to spend time together in a non-work environment and are effective in building stronger teams.