The retail and office sectors are learning from each other

When you look at the retail and office sectors, it is quite amazing how similar they are. The way we shop and the way we work both rely on certain factors, with buying power and productivity inexorably linked.

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In the same way as architecture affects the way a city looks and feels, the way a workspace or retail outlet looks can greatly impact those who shop and work there. An increasing focus is being put on this factor, with the retail and work sectors currently undergoing some drastic but perhaps much-needed changes.

Forming a symbiotic relationship

We are increasingly seeing an influx of new ideas that are affecting work and shopping environments. In the inner city, these two sectors are almost becoming one, with mini-malls or convenience stores popping up in office blocks. This has meant that workers can go shopping easily in their lunch hour or pick up a few essentials on their way to or from work.

The increasing trend of office blocks in malls or alongside them is being seen as a convenience, with location becoming key for both sectors. Accessibility is important and as the retail space becomes more competitive and online stores take the lion’s share of custom, incorporating retail space into office space seems to be the natural progression.

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Creating an experience

Another area in which both sectors can draw inspiration from each other is the way in which an experience is created. Factors such as in store music can make a huge difference, not only to the amount of time spent shopping but also to customer retention. This is why specialists exist, enabling you to purchase tailor-made aural entertainment for your environment.

Music is also essential in the office sector, with soothing sounds proven to promote a better sense of well-being at work and helping to keep the environment calm and less stressful. Another essential in the office environment is the quality of the Reception Chairs provided as you as you want your visitors to feel welcomed into your offices as well as comfortable. If your looking to get new seating for your office then one option available is

Food and drink accessibility

Just as in a shopping mall, easy access to restaurants or kiosks improves business for an office. Easy access to food and drink keep people happy. This is why many offices are employing the services of in-house food and beverage companies or partnering with existing concessions or franchises to create a restaurant or takeaway style offering to their staff, once again merging office and retail.