Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Spa-Like Relaxation Haven In Your Bathroom

As one of the most used rooms in the family home, you may not see your family bathroom as much of a relaxation haven; however that doesn’t mean it can’t be! With the new year fast approaching, why not make a resolution to have one night a week where you escape up to your bathroom and enjoy a spot of you time, relaxing with your favourite book and a glass of wine with the door firmly locked behind you? However, in order to get to this stage, you may need to make a few changes beforehand that will transform your over used bathroom into a space that encourages ultimate relaxation, and here’s how to do it;

Give the Room a Fresh Lick of Paint
The bathroom can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to redecoration, however a fresh lick of paint can make a real difference. Warm, light and soothing shades are perfect for creating the spa-like appeal, so consider this when choosing wall paint, shower curtains, blinds and towels as stepping into a room decorated this way will immediately calm and soothe you.

Ultimately, by choosing a colour scheme that makes you feel relaxed, the more chance there is of you being inclined to settle down and relax once you are inside your bathroom, no matter what’s happening on the other side of the door.

Make Use of the Available Space
It is very rare that you own a bathroom that is the perfect size, they are often either too small or too large which makes utilising all the available space even more important.

For the smaller bathroom, you need to try and make the room feel as though there is more space than there actually is. This can be achieved by putting all the clutter away in available drawers and taking out anything that doesn’t need to be in the room. This will immediately make the room feel more airy and relaxing as you walk in.

If you are the owner of a larger bathroom, it may involve doing the opposite and filling up some of the unused space to seemingly pull the walls inwards. Large, empty walls can be adorned with prints, a large mirror or the introduction of shelving, and in terms of decorating, painting or wallpapering large horizontal strips is an effective method of drawing the room in.

Make the Finishing Touches Count
The finishing touches are generally what make a room, so in the bathroom you need to make sure they are going to make the difference between a run of the mill family bathroom and the spa retreat you so desire.

Finishing touches range from the taps you choose for the sink and bathtub right through to the towels you have on show and the additional decorative extras such as candles which can make for the perfect relaxing environment.

Just think, by following these top tips, you could soon be the proud owner of a spa-like relaxation haven in your very own home and before you know it, you’ll want to spend every evening away from the TV and instead allow your worries to float away with the bubbles as you enjoy a long soak in the bath!