TP-Link launches its new PLC: TL-PA4020PKIT (Powerline AV500)

TP-Link remains committed to the PLC connection technology and has introduced its new PLC product TL-PA4020PKIT commercially called AV500 Powerline Adapter.

With the TL-PA4020PKIT (or Powerline AV500) PLC you can have connectivity anywhere in your house, just plug a PLC near the router into a power outlet and the router through an ethernet cable, and the other plc in one Power outlet from anywhere in the house where you want to have internet connectivity.

It is the easiest way to extend the connectivity or Wi-Fi network in the house, and above all the most efficient and that will give us greater speed and performance, without any failure. Its installation is simple, and no extra wiring or special connection is needed on the router or on our computer.

The Tp-link TL-PA4020PKIT supports speeds of up to 500 Mbps and 300 meters over home electrical wiring, making it ideal for streaming HD video. Another advantage is the availability of a power outlet, i.e the same appliance has a plug that replaces the one we used to connect it, so we can leave everything at home as it was.

In the security section, it has a simple system of encryption by means of a button. From TP-Link, they say that consumption has been reduced to 85% in their new generation of PLC, which corroborates their commitment to ecology.

TP-Link is a leading brand of the sector in this type of products; this new model is now available and can be purchased on Amazon for only € 50 on this link, a very attractive price for this type of components. Two PLC adapters will be included with their respective accessories.