Try out These Smart Space Saving Hacks for Your Office

If you own your own office, it is your responsibility to make sure it is clean and tidy; having a cluttered office space can make working more difficult. Having too much on your desk will also reduce productivity, as you will be spending a lot of your time trying to find certain papers. Keeping your office tidy also involves using your common sense, for example in the summer if you have lots of desk fans, you could save yourself space and energy by getting air conditioning in your office; air conditioning Gloucester based companies such as, or air conditioning companies near you can quickly and easily install an air conditioning system for your office, which will save you a lot of desk space.

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Use Wire Organisers 

If you are in an office full of computers, then you will know the struggle of wires; these are one of many workplace hazards, and if not organised they could be the cause of many office accidents. If you have lots of unruly wires under your desk, you will need to get wire organisers; these are good at keeping your workplace neat, and a great way for you to easily identify certain wires. If there are wires running in the middle of an office, make sure to use a wire floor cover to prevent trips and falls. 

Desks with Drawers 

You will need to make sure all of your desks have drawers or at least cabinets underneath; this is where employers can put any food, or belongings etc. If they have additional office supplies or paperwork, they can use a drawer to store them away.

Storage boxes 

Storage Boxes are a great way to store extra supplies; if you have a storage cabinet then you could place the storage boxes on top, or underneath the cupboard. If the cupboard is big enough, you can even place the boxes inside of the cabinet to make it tidier. Storage boxes can even be used to go under your desks, or under tables – this way they are not going to be a trip hazard.

Use Desk storage 

If you tend to have a lot of paper on your desk, you may need storage solutions; you can buy desk paper organisers that have different compartments, this way you can find your work easily. If you have a lot of stationery, you might want a stationary holder, as these can hold your pens and other stationery supplies – Why not check out these other desk storage solutions?

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Limited Space 

If you have a room in your office with limited space, then doing simple things like stacking up chairs, or having fold-away tables can make a massive difference to your space. You could also have more wall storage such as wall cupboards, or shelves too.