Turn Off Automatic Video Playback On Facebook

Facebook has renewed several aspects in its design and has also introduced some more technical changes such as updating its mobile application or the automatic playback of the videos that appear on our wall. And of this last we are going to speak; in this entrance we will indicate to you how to deactivate the automatic reproduction of videos in Facebook.

An unwise decision by Facebook

Too many, this change will seem like a wise or minor decision, but the truth is that most users find it quite annoying. In fact, several reasons seem logical to disable the automatic playback of videos on Facebook:

Excessive consumption of mobile data: as you probably know the videos are the media that more “heavy” and for this reason many users try to avoid it when not connected to a wireless network. Now when looking at the wall you have to walk avoiding the videos, if you neglect you can get a good pinch of MB consumed.

Privacy: Depending on the time and situation, you may not want to reproduce certain content and have to watch to avoid it.

Another reason is the discomfort. For example if I’m at home and someone is taking a nap, now I have to watch my eyes because in an oversight you can play some video and annoy those who are resting. Before if I had an eye on my networks I did not have to be aware of the volume of the PC, now yes.

I’m sure you can think of as many reasons to disable this automatic reproduction, in my opinion so annoying.

Steps to disable automatic video playback on Facebook for web version

To disable automatic playback in videos you only have to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Enter the configuration section through the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “videos” section.
  • Change the only option that appears to “disabled”.

Steps to disable automatic video playback in Facebook’s mobile app

Unfortunately Facebook has not given us the power to choose if we want our videos to play automatically in the mobile application of your social network. What we can choose is whether we want it to play in any circumstance or only when we are connected to a wifi network.

We only have to make a couple of clicks:

  • Enter “application settings “.
  • Activate the tab that says ” play videos automatically only with Wi-Fi”.

There is still no way to disable it completely for Android and iOS , although it is likely that in a short time Facebook leaves it to the user’s choice or cancel it, as it is gaining many retractors with this annoying modification.