Ways to get more from your storage unit

Are you hoping to get the most from your storage space? It’s not difficult to use a self-storage unit, but it does require a little thought behind the packing process to maximise on the space available. After all, many people believe that they need bigger storage units than they actually do, just because they are not making efficient use of the space in the storage unit. Here are some tips for perfect unit packing:

Label Everything

Labelling means that you can immediately locate anything you put into storage. Just because you know where things are now, doesn’t mean you will remember in a few months’ time. Plan for the future by making sure all boxes have a label. This will make unpacking much easier.

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Create an Organized Layout

Should you intend to access your unit on a regular basis, it is important that you plan the layout of the storage space. After all, it is simpler to plan ahead rather than constantly adding things in an irregular way until you run out of space – and can’t find anything! Placing heavy items against the wall while leaving a line in the middle is a great way to make sure you can reach your items whenever you want. A good idea would be to draw up a plan so you can remember where each item is located within the unit.

Keep Most-Used Items at the Front

Make your life easier by keeping the most important items at the front of your unit and things you’ll not use for a while towards the back. If you don’t implement a set up like this, you will find yourself tunnelling through your unit to get what you need. As well as being incredibly frustrating but it’s also time-consuming. For more details on Self Storage Highbridge, visit a site like Leakers, a Self Storage Highbridge provider.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Whether you choose to use racking or boxes just piled on top of each other, what is important is that you use more of the available space in your unit. Vertical space shouldn’t be wasted – should you be concerned that stacking the boxes will damage the items inside, install shelving.

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Line Walls

Do not forget to take advantage of the walls inside a storage unit. It can be very beneficial as you continue to add your stuff to the unit, so you do not run out of space too soon. You may want to create a passageway between the different lines of the box so you can find anything you want easily.

Take Your Furniture Apart

This is probably the last thing you want to do … dismantling furniture is a hassle. However, there is no denying that doing this will save a lot of space. Pieces of furniture, such as wardrobes are large and take up a lot of space in your unit. So, by separating furniture down into its parts means you can store more items in your unit and make it easier to access your other belongings.