What can you learn from resistance marketing

Resistance marketing is arguably one of the toughest segments of marketing to crack. You’re not just dealing with people who don’t normally buy your products, views or ideas – they tend to be those who completely oppose them. Although it’s a challenging area to work in, change is possible. Here’s what you can learn from resistance marketing.

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More Than One Problem

Resistance marketers may see the only problem they face as the resistance of consumers, but it’s worth noting that this may not be the only problem you need to tackle as part of your campaign to get staunch opponents on board. There may be several problems present, with some more tractable than others. Try to focus on different problems to tackle resistance.


Resistance marketing can cover a wide range of categories and is often associated with everyday items as well as most types of financial products. Distress purchases also come under the resistance marketing umbrella. The hardest areas of resistance marketing are those that require consumers to change their behaviour or ways of thinking. These might be health initiatives, including improving fitness, healthy eating or quitting smoking.

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Understand Attitudes

Understanding the attitudes of resistant audiences is vital for resistance marketers to help implement change. According to Chief Marketer, you should put attitudinal information into your database alongside demographic and behavioural data of your target groups. Product descriptions and messages can be tailored to suit specific attitudinal groups.

Take Action

Focusing on increasing awareness may be fruitless in resistance marketing. Many reluctant buyers may already be aware of your message but fail to take the appropriate action, especially if it’s related to health concerns. Instead, turn your attention to measuring action to see if you can make a difference.

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Be Satisfied with Small Changes

You’re never going to make a massive difference in resistance marketing, as some people will be notoriously difficult to budge. Lower your expectations when you start resistance marketing campaigns, and be grateful for any differences that you make, even if the changes are only small. Once you get a few people on board, these will instil trust and confidence in fellow resisters, and there’s a greater chance that more reluctant audiences will convert.