Apple Plans To Buy The Famous Beats Headphone Brand

In the last hours several American media have pointed to what could be the most expensive acquisition in the history of Apple: the purchase of the maker of headphones Beats for 3.2 billion dollars.

Beats are not just expensive headsets

Beats was co-founded in 2008 by music tycoon Jimmy Lovine and the famous rapper Dr. Dre, when they only distributed headphones manufactured by Monster Cable. Later they began to make their own hardware like noise-canceling headphones and their Pill Speaker bluetooth speaker.

The brand has long had a music streaming service ( that may be what really matters to Apple, as there is strong competition in this sector between Spotify, Pandora and other similar services. The rival to beat in this aspect is Spotify, which has expanded aggressively in many countries and has generated great benefits in recent months.

This way the company of the apple would kill 2 birds with one stone: on the one hand it reinforces its service of musical streaming and eliminates a hard competitor enlarging its part of the cake in this market, and on the other hand, will offer a headphones of greater quality than which it currently offers in its products.

Quality and exclusivity

With this acquisition, Apple could offer a new range of high quality products and accessories that generate large profit margins. We are talking about a company that sells 59% of headphones that are worth more than 99 € , which has become a benchmark thanks to its quality and design , and that only in the last year has generated 1000 million dollars of profits. All this in just 6 years since its inception.

Iphone 4 Beats

We all know that Apple products are characterized by their exclusivity, and if there was a company that in this aspect fits with the guidelines of the Californian Company is Beats. The “b” included in its logo has become one of the most sought after by young people when buying a headset.

Rumors point to a $ 3.2 billion operation

Waiting for confirmation and official figures, we will see in what remains this operation is probably one of the largest in 2014 in the technological field. The media point out that the deal will close for $ 3.2 billion and are likely to become official this week.

When the river sounds … although it is not the first time that a negotiation like this is twisted.