Spotify launches a section designed for fans of video game music

Very recently we discussed as Spotify and Google Chromecast walked hand in hand to offer two months of subscription premium anyone who made use of the dongle for Google to send content from mobile to tablet or TV.

And today again have to talk about Spotify, as the most popular music service streaming a new section between its varied themes of lists. We have them to work, to go to the gym, for moments of solitude and now also for video game lovers.

Spotify launches a section designed for fans of video game musicAnd is that who has not been found at any time using an application like Shazam to find the soundtrack of a video game (which is sometimes extremely difficult) and then search the Internet?

With this solution Spotify makes available both original soundtracks of games like playlists with tracks that have been added so the user community as responsible for the platform. They seek quality selections and first impressions they have succeeded.

So we have great melodies that correspond to legendary games like Uncharted, Halo, Grand Theft Auto V until even the new game that causes feeling these days, No Man’s Sky. Alongside the current games soundtracks soundtracks also we have classic games that will delight the veterans.

So if you’re into video games, either by searching by title or by using lists, this can be a good option to find that melody that you like and how difficult it is to find sometimes.