That is why the autonomous cars are the solution to traffic jams

If you know how the traffic flow in a road works and how jams are created, then you know that one person to collapse a city is needed. Just someone, back on the road front brake, so that all have to slow down, a wave is created. Even when the motorist who stopped has left behind continue braking. Come on, traffic jams are inevitable.

In the following video, CGP Grey, it explained very well and graphically many jams could be avoided if it were not for our very slow reaction time. The solution? The autonomous and connected car. For example, at a traffic light all cars in the same row would come out at the same time maintaining a safe distance.

That is why the autonomous cars are the solution to traffic jamsBy our behavior we create jams

Several studies suggest that the reactions of drivers to create or emphasize traffic jams. Connected autonomous cars, that is able to communicate with cars (vehicle-to-vehicle , or V2V) and infrastructure (vehicle-to-infrastructure , or V2I) would open new possibilities for management much more effective and efficient traffic.

Obviously, he still has some way to go to the autonomous car. As for the car connected, it is a technology still in its infancy with respect to the autonomous car. Currently, only Audi will propose a limited V2I technology to the semaphores (Audi Q7 and Audi A4), available in just two models and will work only in some US cities.

The connected car is the key

For now, the V2I and V2V technology lacks a standard that enables all cars from different manufacturers to communicate with each other and infrastructure. Therefore, the Audi system that lets you know how long you have left at the traffic light to go from red to green is not available in all cities. Without a standard, it is impossible for the world without jams reality. As much as autonomous cars reach the market, and will do so in 2020.

That said, it will not be a reality, it does not prevent through this video remember what we were taught to drive. Look away and anticipate If in your lane and far away, like four or five cars in front, you see a car going slower and will leave the highway and stops, you can go slowing down without waiting for the car to slow down because you precede those who have been front brake. That is, we must stop looking at the car in front of us and look away. As the technology becomes reality, we will have to have patience in traffic jams.