Active participation in social networks as a competitive advantage

The actions of SMO (Social Media Optimization) will allow you to communicate as quickly as possible the advantages of your goods and services through social networks. An image of greater prestige for your business, visibility among the millions of users who surf the Web, conversion of visits to customers and, consequently, an increase in the number of sales are some of the many benefits that an active participation in the Social networks can contribute to your company.

The best strategy that your company can put into practice to make predictions, make the right decisions and, ultimately, get great benefits you will find in the aforementioned actions of SMO.

Today’s globalization demands, not only, a greater presence of your brand on the Net through the development and design of your website that is attractive, intuitive and powerful for users, but at the same time it is essential to have an active presence in social networks.  Official studies talk about that more than 80% of Internet users have created a profile in one of the many RRSS, a fact to take into account if you want to spread your message and make your goods and / or services known to the highest percentage of people possible.

Social Networks as a competitive advantage in figures

You just have to pay attention to the statistics  to be aware of the reality that lies behind  social networks  and can be established as a competitive advantage for your company .

Among many others, 5% of online shoppers confirm that the power of social networks was a determining factor when looking at a retailer’s page.

Neither negligible is the fact that 48% of consumers use social networks and search engines to start their usual purchases.

For its marketing actions, practically all non-profit Associations (97%) make use of Facebook, which in Spain alone has 10 million active users, who dedicate a minimum of two hours a day to the Network.

Nor should we forget that 24% of users have published the review of a product purchased on social networks or that 62% of Facebook members between 25 and 54 years of age follow a brand.

In light of this reality, it can be deduced that the presence of your company in social networks will allow you to be ahead of your rivals within your scope of action and thus become the preferred option of the market.

Why an active presence of your business in social networks?

Thanks to social networks, your brand image will be reinforced.  However, remember that it is not enough to create a profile on Facebook or Twitter to grow quantitatively in the market.

It is necessary an active presence in these new audience spaces, where beyond informing about their services, bet on the interaction with the users that make up your community or are external to it.

Through this action, you can not only boost trust and attraction among users, by betting on a modern and cutting-edge service that moves millions of users around the world, but at the same time you can know what the market trends and the  preferences  of its potential future customers.

This information will provide you with the necessary resources to make the appropriate decisions at every moment and promote your marketing actions in a successful way in the market.

Attending to the needs required by its customers, you can earn a favorable image of your brand and be the alternative chosen by consumers against the rest of the competition.

The opinion of users about their services will be disseminated through these virtual communities, where the ability of their members to influence the decisions to purchase the rest is a determining factor in this type of space.

You will have the possibility to monitor the conversations held around your organization, being able to be alert in this way about the problems of certain products or services or, even, be aware of what really motivates the consumers when making their purchases.

The viral effect of the promotions and offers you undertake will spread much more quickly than through conventional means.

In front of other spaces on the Internet, social networks will allow you to segment your audience and know what is the profile of each one through the data related to age, sex, city or interests that provide it.

The proper management of social networks is nowadays presented as one of the most effective strategies for your online business, a reality to which, according to official data, 35% of SMEs have joined and already 89% of The companies considered as a key piece in their marketing mix.