Office cleaning facts you might want to know

Having a Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company once a day to clean your office space is a weight lifted off many business owners minds, especially at the moment. Professional cleaners like this have lots of training to understand the best products to use on surfaces and ways in which to adhere to health and safety regulations. Here are some facts about office cleaning that you might not have heard of.

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  • The average employee will come into contact with as many as 10 million bacteria a day. Now most of these bacteria won’t cause any illnesses but some of them will. These bacteria often live on high touch point areas such as handles and switches and computer keyboards and office telephones.

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  • An individual’s desk can have as many as 400 times the germs that are found on a toilet seat. The thought behind this is that we are so used to adhering to good hygiene in bathrooms, but less so at our desks. We also spend large amounts of the day sitting at our desks, eating snacks and drinking, that it is no wonder they are a hotbed for germ activity.


  • It is thought that sick days could be cut down by a third if desk spaces were properly cleaned and disinfected at the end of every day. This is something that a contract cleaning company can help you with.