How to plan a really effective email marketing strategy

The fact of planning the  email marketing campaigns suitable for your business strategy is essential when reinforcing the loyalty of users. We indicate some of the essential factors when establishing the bases of this type of actions.

Reaching consumers directly and successfully is possible through a successful  email marketing strategy. Thanks to this kind of resources you will have the possibility of segmenting your own email database to send each offer only to the target you consider appropriate. All this not to mention that you will have the possibility to configure the email as best suits your needs. At the same time, we must remember that it is not an intrusive medium, since the user who wants to receive an email is aware of the action he has just taken.

Essential keys for your email marketing strategy

The email marketing is one of the branches of digital marketing degree of conversion can bring to your campaigns. All this shows that email is still a useful tool to disseminate quality content , creating a direct and personalized relationship with customers, subscribers or affiliates.

For your email marketing strategy to be really effective, a series of fundamental factors must be considered …

-It is very important to take care of the Newsletter, starting with a subject line that is really interesting and that incites the user to open the mail. We must not overlook that 35% of the recipients open their email, motivated only by this subject line to which we referred, which should be clear, short, original and impactful. All this, not to mention, that it is necessary to take maximum care of the content

-It is also necessary to configure a landing page that is really effective and with “calls to action” that are sufficiently clear. This page to which we want users to go can be a small special site for a specific promotion. The page has to be intuitive to prevent the user from being unnecessarily distracted.

– As for the creation of the mailing lists can be made of two types. On the one hand, you can have your own database, in the sense that the emails will be sent from the information you have collected from your customers. Logically, by having the user’s consent before sending a commercial message, a more successful database will be available.

You could also think about buying databases from third parties. It must be ensured in these cases that there is a legal consent on the part of the users of the transfer of said data. This practice greatly enhances traffic to the web.

-It is fundamental to analyze the metrics in real time. This marketing model, precisely, allows to monitor all the actions and results of the campaign quickly. Some of these elements are, for example, the percentage of clicks of the users in the message, the opening rate of the mails with respect to the ones sent, the conversion percentage of the users in purchases, subscriptions, registrations and leads or, even, the rate of users who have unsubscribed.

A planned email marketing strategy, therefore, will be an essential factor to take into account when converting your company into a clear reference of the sector.